Oats Chocolate Cake Recipe without baking in Microwave Oven

Who says carbohydrates are bad for your health? If you have your carbs in balance especially your complex carbs, then it is the right amount of energy that you get for your body to complete your daily work. Oats is considered as one of the best complex carbs in the health industry. And, if you are on a diet and complaining that oats taste really bad, then WAIT! I have a great recipe today to share with all you my lovely readers. Its not only healthy, but it is also tasty, nutritious and healthy. Oats keeps you full and also helps in reducing weight.

So, here goes the recipe:


1) Oats- 5 cups
2) Cocoa Powder- 2 Tbsp
3) Whey Protein Powder- 1 scoop
4)  Eggs- 3 (whole)
5) Stevia tablets(grind to make fine powder)
6) Baking Powder- 1/2 tbsp
67) Vanilla Essence

How to Make:

1) Firstly, with the help of a blender, make a powder or atta from the oats.
2) Then, slowly add cocoa powder, protein powder, stevia powder, baking powder into the oats powder. Then, add the eggs and mix all the ingredients.
3) While mixing the ingredients, make sure the batter becomes smooth and there is no lumps.
4) Now, take a bowl of Aluminium foil and grease it with ghee or butter and sprinkle some oats atta. This will make sure that the cake will not stick.
5) Now, boil a pan or kadai with wide mouth and place a stainless steel stand inside the pan. Then, slowly place the aluminium foil on the stand and cover the pan or kadai with a lid.
6) Lower the flame and let it bake for 15 to 20 mins.
7)  In between, please check the condition of cake, but don't mishandle it while baking.
8) Now that 20 mins is done, take a knife or a toothpick and insert slowly inside the cake, if it comes out clean, then you will understand that your cake is ready.
9) Let it cool and then cut into desired pieces.

Wella, your chocolate oats cake recipe is ready. If you want to watch how I actually made the cake, then here is the video:

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Healthy Eating!

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