Korean Sheet Masks: Are they worth the Hype?

By this time, I am sure you already have known that Korean sheet masks or face masks.... well, whatever you want to call it has taken a revolution in Indian beauty skincare industry. From Beauty Bloggers to Celebrities, all are going ga-ga over this thin layer of sheet that makes you feel that you have come straight from a horror movie. Well, doesn't it? Well take a look at this picture!

What are Sheet Masks?

Many of you still wondering what it is? Glad to share that I also become a fanatic to try this sheet mask. It is a mask packed, soaked and wrapped in moisturising ingredients. This sheet mask creates a kind of barrier between your skin and air and even helps the ingredients to penetrate deep. Well, this face mask is different from traditional clay mask because they do not evaporate completely making the skin dry and cracky. The sheet masks do have a slippery texture which nourish the skin well.

How do you use a sheet mask?

Now that I am writing this, you need to trust that I am actually a pro in using a sheet mask. And, have faith you will be too in 1 or 2 time. (Jokes Apart) Here are some clear steps to follow:

1. Never ever apply a sheet mask directly on a dirty face. Wash your face, if you want you can even scrub your face to reduce those extra blackheads, apply a good toner. And then, its time to unfold the sheet mask. But, remember do not apply any kind moisturiser on your face or else it will show up.

2. While opening the pack be careful because it has that slippery texture and you ill also find some extra serum on the packet. Don't throw it away. Make sure you gently place the sheet on your face keeping all the cut outs like eyes, nose and lips in sync.

3. Now, stretch the sheet gently in outward direction so that you have less wrinkles of the sheet on your face.

How long you need to keep the sheet mask?

Well, well it is good if you can keep it for 20 mins exact and not more or less. Because, if you keep it less than 20 mins, then the sheet mask cannot penetrate well into your skin. And, if you keep it for too long, then the sheet will dry up on your face and it can adverse the effect of face mask. Once done, use that extra serum inside the packet on your neck to get that additional benefit.

How to take off the sheet mask?

After 20 minutes, do not wash your face with water or something and instead rest the serum on your face till gets completely absorbed. then, top it with good cream or moisturiser.

Consistency is the Key

We all know how skincare is important for a healthy, glowing looking skin. And, nothing comes easy. So, when you are determined to include sheet mask in your skincare routine, always be consistent with this step. Using one time or occasional use will not give that impact on your skin that you are looking for. So, honey, you know the game!

Is it worth the Hype?

These sheet masks ruled the Korean Beauty Routine and thanks to Nykaa in India that The Face Shop and Innisfree introduced their sheet masks and made it available to Indian Beauties at an affordable price. Oh how can I forget another name, Mond's Sub too introduced their Golden Mask. (Check my review here)

Now, there are so many brands already for you to try, but always know your skin type and read the ingredients list. To survive the commercial market, demand and trend, many brands are using PEG and preservatives in sheet masks. So, read carefully choose wisely.

If you are someone who love to shop from beauty stores, then visit to your nearest NewU store (a Dabur Enterprise) you will not return empty handed.

Currently, I am using these sheet masks.

And, trust me it has shown some wonderful result. Want to experience the K-beauty funda? Grab your sheet masks now!

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