Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair Cream Vs Aaranyaa Hair Pack with Argan Oil

During summers, our hair becomes dull, dry, rough and frizzy because of that pollution, dirt and strong UV rays. Therefore, it is very important to follow good summer hair care routine. A proper routine includes the following:

  • Hot oiling
  • Shampooing
  • Hair Cream
  • Conditioning

All the steps are very important for a silky and smooth hair. But, do you know that hair mask or hair cream plays a significant role in hair care routine? Well, today I will be comparing two hair masks and help you decide which one to choose.

1.       Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair Cream

No doubt, Himalaya Herbals is a popular brand and all the products under the brand are trustworthy. This hair cream comes in 100 ml and retails for Rs. 80, which is very affordable.  It is infused with Tea Tree Oil and Tulsi. Well, tea tree oil is very good agent to reduce your dandruff. You can use it after or before washing your hair. The product is not runny and not too thick. The texture is slippery. After applying, you need to wait for 20 mins and then wash your hair thoroughly. To my experience, this product and the tea tree oil actually works on my dandruff and I am really satisfied using this product. I also used this product in my Summer Hair Care Routine. Please check the video here:

2.       Aaranyaa Hair Pack with Argan Oil

This is an Indian brand and I receive this product in collaboration with Aaranyaa. This product comes in 250 ml which retails for Rs. 445. The smell of the product is just awesome. The product is bit runny and while applying it on my scalp it did mess up the area. The texture is slippery like the Himalaya Hair Cream. It is better to wash your hair and then apply the hair pack. You need to keep the hair pack for 15-20 mins and this will make your hair smooth and silky. But, to my experience the argan oil did not work on my dandruff, but it did make my hair smooth and silky. I have a mixed feeling with the ingredients. Also, I think that the product is bit pricey.

To know the review and comparison of the products, please watch my video here:

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