Summer Skincare Tips: Essentials to carry this summer

Summer is already here and Kolkata’s humidity is unimaginable. To beat the heat, summer skincare items play an important role. Whenever you step out of your house, always remember to make the items essential for summers.

So, here are some summer skin care tips for you guys:

1. Face wash- Using a face wash during summer is vital because it keeps the dirt and impurities at bay. The refreshing agent of a face wash keeps your face hydrated and makes your skin soft.

Use The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Aloe to keep your face fresh and clean. This face wash deeply penetrates into the pores and clean your face.  The Aloe extracts gives a refreshing sense during the summer and this product is dermatologically tested.  Experience the touch of Korean beauty.

2. Toner- A good toner not only tightens your pores, but all removes the excess impurities from your face. Take cotton and spread some toner on it and then swipe the cotton all through your face. It will give you a hint of freshness to beat the heat.

3. Sunscreen – During summers, you cannot skip a sunscreen. It will protect your skin from inside and keep the UV rays away. Nowadays, sunscreen is available in gel based form, which is non greasy, and gives smooth finish.

4. Face Masks- It is a Korean style of skincare routine which is really taking a huge revolution. Different types of face masks are available which nourish, hydrate and soothe your skin. 

5. Water- Drink lots and lots of water! Keeping your body hydrated helps you flush out the toxins from your body. Also, it keeps your skin flawless and glow.

6. Scarf/sunglass/hat/ gloves- Whenever you are out in the sun do not forget to carry these three items. They are essential and play a vital role in your summer skincare. They protect you from harsh sunrays and give you tan free skin.

Promise yourself with these fresh skin care essentials this summer.

You can also watch video on my personal favorite summer essentials.

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Happy Summer!

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