In today's world, how to lose belly fat is a common question. People try various methods to lose weight, but nothing seems possible. Many of you asked me to give some tips on how to lose weight without doing exercise, or going to gym. So,  I am going to tell you top 10 tips on how to lose weight fast at home.

Following are the 10 tips:

1. Chew your food thoroughly and slow down while food intake. It will help you to digest the food properly and keep you full all day long. After all, slow eater is a good eater.
2. Eat plenty of protein and fiber rich food and that will control your hunger level. Include eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, and lots of vegetables on your plate.
3. Eat in small portions (especially 6 meals a day) to balance your diet. It will help you keep your health in check. Do not divide your meal in three (3) big portions like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or, you can give 2 hours gap in between each meal and keep your appetite good.
4. Eat with electric distractions is very important these days. But, what is electronic distraction? Well, we all have a tendency to watch TV, playing video games or even talking over phone while eating. This should completely STOP because this may end up in overeating. So, keep away all your electronic devices and enjoy your food time with near and dear ones.
5. Do not starve or eat less to look thin. It is a very bad habit and especially today's generation follow this method to look thin. This will definitely going to worse your health and in the long run it will affect your health badly.
6. Avoid sugary drinks when you are on weight loss. Sugar has a tendency to increase your insulin level and if you are insulin resistance and you are on weight loss program, then you should completely cut off all kinds of sugary items.

7. Do not cut carbs completely from your meal plan. They are a good source of energy and helps you keep moving, going all day long. So, you need to have your carbs, but in a balanced way.
8. Maintain your reduced weight is very important or else what is the use of weight loss. You need to maintain your weight properly so that you can stay happy and healthy.
9. Be active all the time even if you are not going to gym, or doing any exercise. Like for example- take stairs, do household works, take a walk in a garden. This way, your body will remain active and you will feel good within.
10. You should avoid stress and sleep well to reduce weight. If you are stressed, your hormones will play bad and you will feel demotivated all day long. This will also affect your sleep at night. So, this works as a chain and if you want to lose weight, then you have to live a stress free life and have a good night sleep.

These points are the fastest way to lose weight without exercise.

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