What is Subscription Box?

What is Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a type of box where customers will get certain products in a box under a given subscription plan. When a customer buys monthly subscription boxes, they receive certain discounts on the products. This makes the box affordable. These beauty subscription boxes have products that are worth for customers to buy and save money on products at the same time. 

History of Subscription Boxes

The Sampler (Wiki Reference) was the first subscription box, which was available in the market in the year 2004. It offered sample of products from independent web based shops and artists. Since then, many monthly subscription boxes are growing rapidly. 

How does subscription box works?

Step 1: Create a profile with subscription box account
Step 2: Complete the profile information
Step 3: Choose the Subscription plan of your choice
Step 4: Place the order with the website
Step 5: Get an Email notification of order confirmation
Step 6: Receive the monthly subscription box at your doorstep

Advantages of cheap monthly subscription boxes

1. It is a kind of fun experience for customers. This box comes as a surprise because they will discover different kind of products.
2. Customers can try the box and the brands inside the box without any risk
3. Customers can try new products as their preference and need.
4. It is a convenient way of shopping
5. Customers do not have to travel physical shop to buy individual product
6. They can save enough time
7. They can easily place the order online and get the delivery at the comfort of home.

Disadvantages of cheap monthly subscription boxes

Customers sometimes do not like the products in the subscription box.

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