How to use Vitamin E capsule for Hair and Skin Care

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How to use vitamin E capsule for your hair and skin is the most search topic in the internet.  It is a powerful drug and vitamin E benefits are incredible. these vitamin E capsules are available in your nearby medical stores. they do wonder for your hair and skincare.

You can also include vitamin E enrich food like avocado, spinach, almonds, olive oil etc.

1. Helps in Hair Growth- Vitamin E capsules for hair repair damaged hair follicle, stops premature gray and split ends and promote hair growth. Take some warm castor oil (it has omega 6 essential fatty acid which helps in hair growth and blood circulation in scalp) and add vitamin E oil from the capsule and apply on your hair.  Keep overnight and wash next day with organic shampoo.

2. Reduce Wrinkles- With age, our skin elasticity reduces and vitamin E capsules for skin boost the collagen production. it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Squeeze out the oil from vitamin E capsule and apply it on your face in an upward direction.

3. Soft your Dry Hands- Vitamins for skin and hands are very important. You should mix the vitamin E with your regular moisturizer and apply as many times as you want.

4. Under Eye Care- It is a very sensitive area and you need to take care of under eye sensitively. Mix vitamin E with olive or coconut oil and gently massage under your eye area.

5. Lip Moisturizer- In winters, our lips become dry and chapped and to moisturize your lips you can use honey and vitamin E. Apply the mixture and keep overnight for a smooth lips.

Vitamin E capsules for face are effective and useful for a healthy glowing skin.

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  1. I am not saying I have the best skin of all. I do get occasional breakouts. But considering my daily routine (driving more than one hour every day on a two-wheeler in Bangalore traffic and pollution), I can safely say that I have good skin. You can find so many DIY masks and scrubs to give your self-luxury treatment.

    Again, all this is not magical solution for skin and hair problems although we do expect magic. Everyone is different and underlying cause of problems can also be different. So please don’t expect that over night everything will change, if that was the case then no one would ever have bad skin and no one will lose hair. But having proper E should help improve the nourishment.

    Thanks for the article; its really helpful and informative.