What is Double Cleansing Method? Korean Beauty Secret

Until now, if you are cleaning your face only one-time, then STOP!

Double cleansing is the new skincare mantra that one should follow to get flawless skin. Are you surprised to think why one more extra step in your skincare routine? Well, double cleansing method deeply cleans all the dirt, impurities, and makeup from your face.

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Is it still a little known fact to you? Well, this method has its roots in Korea where the women follow this method morning and night to deeply clean the face and restore the natural beauty. Cleansing is an important and basically the first step in skin care routine. So, do take the first step seriously, and then wella, you open the gate for a beautiful skin.

Steps to follow in double cleansing face method:

1)   Oil cleanser-  Facial cleanser oil deeply cleans your face and removes all the impurities from the face. It actually works deep skin and removes long lasting makeup with an easy go.
2)   Foam/water cleanser- After oil cleanser, take your personal favourite foam or water based cleanser and remove the extra dirt that is visible on your face.

This face cleaning routine is effective, easy and does not take more than 20 seconds to follow the steps.

Though double cleansing for oily skin people is bliss, but people with combination, dry and sensitive skin also get the same amount of result. If you have dry skin, then it deeply nourishes your skin. For sensitive skin, the oil cleanser becomes soothing. Actually, double cleansing makes your skin ready for the next steps in skincare routine.  

While buying oil based cleanser or water based cleanser, always try to look for good brands especially Korean brands because they are the GOD of this beauty regime. You will get the products at Nykaa or you can even prepare DIY oil cleanser at home and give your skin the perfect touch of glow.

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