Time for a Physical Makeover this festive season

Earlier women use to do the house work, field work and other errands in the house and it did require a lot of strength. Getting up early morning has been an age old habit in our culture. Earlier people always ate at home and ate healthy.  Their eating and sleeping habits were in accordance with the nature. Hence nutrition and fitness has always existed in our culture.

Time has changed and so has our lifestyle. We have more comfort and help than before but we still suffer from health problems.  We have become dependent and lazy for sure. This is why exercising is becoming very important and women are compelled to find time and take care of their bodies. Workout routines for women have become a necessity.  You can do join a gym, a yoga class, do zumba, aerobics and go for a swim or simply brisk walk.

All of these are effective but keep the following in mind while make an exercise regime:
  • Follow it religiously
  • Have a realistic goal in mind before that you want to achieve
  • Start with at least three days a week
  • Perform partner workout to avoid boredom
  • Workout in a group if possible initially to keep each other going
  • Do not weigh yourself after every session


It is also very important to take care of your diet if you want to manage your weight effectively. Eat at regular intervals of not more than three hours and eat more often at home. If outdoors take food to munch along with you. Always keep yourself hydrated.


In case you cannot go out of the house do not get disheartened.  Options are in plenty for Home workouts for women. Everything done in the gym can also be done at home using an exercise band and dumbbells can be substituted with water bottles. You can workout at your own convenience but do so at the same time everyday to set the routine. In case you find personal trainer very expensive use the internet and learn the correct form of workout.

Whatever you do it is important to understand your body and nourish your body at the same time have fun. Happy exercising!!

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