7 things to do This Festive Season

India is also known as the land of festivals and they are important part of our Indian culture. According to our rich heritage festivals were celebrated according to the weather and rituals were also as per the same. In today’s times where the border and boundaries merge so have our cultures. You can see a Punjabi living in Chennai celebrate baisakhi, a Keralite living in Uttar Pradesh celebrate Onam and so on. Where ever you live whatever culture you follow it is important to celebrate. So let the celebrations begin. Some absolute things to do during the festive season are as follows:

  1. Start the preparation well in advance- Celebration during festivals is incomplete without your loved ones so you must start the preparation in advance. Begin with cleaning the house and the crockery.   Make sure that everyone is involved. Children clean their rooms and help the elders in the family. It also strengthens the bond and marks the arrival of the festival.
  2. List it out- Make a list of all those you want to invite and all those you expect so that ingredients can be bought and ordered accordingly. List out the number of gift boxes to be sent out and prepare them in advance. Also list out the ingredients meant for the rituals and the Puja.
  3. Follow the rituals- Rituals add to the charm and have a reason behind them hence must be followed. One day go the long way and experience the joy.  Decorate your house with fresh flowers and light up the entire house. Wear bright clothes to add color to your life. Start the puja on time and it must be attended by all family members and offer your love offerings to God. If it’s Diwali make the Rangoli with other family members, if its Holi prepare organic colors together, if it’s Janmashtmi pray together till mid night. In short follow the rituals and enjoy it.
  4. Food for thought – Food is the main attraction during all Indian festivals. It’s not just about a seven course meal that day. That day the food offered is first offered to the God hence considered divine and therefore must be shared with one and all. Make sure that there is enough food and something for everyone you have invited. Also, prepare delicious festive food for entire family after all, festivals without good food is meaningless.
  5. Pay gratitude- As you prepare for the festival make sure that you thank everyone who has helped you. Be it your watchman, your house maid or simply the children in the family. Also it is very important to take the blessings of elders in the family and make them feel as important as they felt in their hay days. Blessings of elders are very important. In fact in most Indian families the elders of the house perform all the rituals and other follow them.
  6. Make it colourful for someone else- In order to receive more you need to give. Festivals are not the same for those who are on the streets or are rendered homeless or for the aging eyes in an old age home waiting to see the sight of their loved one. It’s good to think about others once in a while. You can donate money, food items, old toys and clothes or simply celebrate with them. Make sure that your little act of kindness brings a smile on a face.
  7. Celebrate your being- During festivals we pray to the almighty to eradicate darkness and show us the light. It is important that we forgive others and ask for forgiveness and realize that it is time to move on and make a new beginning. Leave all the malice in your heat and form new bonds of love.

Make this festive season colorful, joyful and everlasting in your hearts.
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