6 habits stay-at-home mom can adopt to feel happy

I Know I know, it is not easy to become a stay-at-home mom. It needs lots of courage, patience and determination to be with your child at home. You leave your high-pay job just to see the smile on your child’s face. Trust me; it is another feeling that cannot be expressed in words. It is one of the best gifts that you ever deserve for yourself. But, sometimes you may feel trapped in those diaper duties. Right? No more complaining, instead follow these habits and enjoy your time and love to be in your own skin.

1. At home, you are continuously running after your kids and it’s very important for you to keep yourself hydrated. It will keep you stay active and energetic all day long. Besides water, drink coffee or tea, and healthy juices.

2. Bust the myth that stay-at-mom can exercise any time. This is not at all true because they are busy enough to look after their kids. But, you can turn this into reality if you want to check on your health. Exercise helps to remove all the toxins from the body. It calms down the body and mind and moreover, it will connect you with the outside world and make some new gym buddies.

3. Spending so much time with their kids is good, but they also need some “ME” time. So, go out and pamper yourself. You can give yourself a good Spa, good food or you can just dress up in your favorite attire and go for shopping. It will release happy hormones that will make you smile and you will back at work with double energy.

4. Just ignore all the negative words that come to you from family, friends and neighbors. At times, it is not easy to ignore, but reality is let the dogs bark without any reason. You just believe in your super power and believe on “positive thinking”.

5. You do not have to be your kids’ sole entertainment. Teach your child to play independently and in the meantime you can bake your favorite cookies dear.

6. Chaos will always be there and you do not worry if you are not a “perfect mom”. Embrace imperfection and share the responsibilities with your spouse. This way, you can ignite the love in between you and your partner.

At last, be happy, take life as it comes and smile always because that is the dose of real happiness.

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