Women and Workout: Tips and Tricks

Being fit is very important for all women and these days more and more women are becoming aware of it. There are many factors that increase the sex appeal of a woman apart from confidence and one of them is fitness. It is high time that all women make nutrition and fitness a part of their routine.
Most women tend to ignore their well being in order to fulfil other duties however it is important to ensure your well being if you want to keep others around you hale and hearty. A few healthy eating tips are as follows:

  • Calcium intake- milk and cheese intake is as important for women as it is for children. So make sure to keep some for yourself as well that when you pack lunch boxes for your little brats.
  • Eat fresh cooked meals- stop eating yesterday’s leftover food in order to finish and make space in the refrigerator. Eat fresh food and fruits as well.
  • Eat on time- do not wait for everyone to finish their meals. Eat fresh cooked meals on time and eat at regular intervals so that your metabolic rate increases. Do not start your day with a cup of tea or coffee as it jolts the system and can be harmful.

Apart from nutrition there also has to be workout routines for women to be followed. It can be in the gym, it can be swimming or simple brisk walking. It can also be a combination of different workouts. It is important to get outdoors, out of your comfort zone at the same time it will give you a chance to meet like minded people and get some fresh oxygen. So put on your walking shoes and challenge yourself. You must start with working out at least three days a week to start with. Try and workout at the same time everyday so that the body gets used to it.

In case you do not have time there are home workouts for women as well. All you need to do is be dedicated and find a trainer who is reliable. There are many trainers available who can come and train you at your door step. There are Yoga practitioners are well. They certainly charge a little more but you get personal attention and the workout can be designed keeping your needs in mind. You can choose from Yoga, Weight Training or Pilates. Make sure that kids are away when you workout so that you can be all by yourself.

It is very important for women to realize the importance of me time and take full advantage of it. Remember if you stay happy you will keep others happy. 
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