Home workouts for flat Abs this festive season

By now you probably have understood the benefits of exercises.  It is the key to leading a healthy life. It helps you to control your body weight and reduces the fats which further reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases,Type2 diabetes, etc. It improves your physical and mental health. Though men take out time for excursive, women hardly get time to go to the gym and do some hardcore exercises as they are engaged in house hold works.

Given below are some tips for home workouts for women.

1.    Standing side crunch- target oblique, legs

Stand on your right leg and extend the right arm towards outside at a shoulder level. Lift the left few inches off the floor to the side. Also, place your right hand behind the head and bend out the elbow to the side at the shoulder level. Along with this lift the left knee to left elbow. Repeat the step 15 times and then, change the side.

2.    Pike and extend- target abs, legs

Lie down straight on the mat and then crunch up and try to reach the hands towards the feet. Second, keep the leg straight and stretch your hands backward by lifting the lower upper back. Also, keep the left leg on the floor. Crunch up by lifting the right leg straight upwards and try to touch the foot with the hands. Try the step 20 times by switching the legs alternatively.

3.    Chest flye with leg extension- Target chest, abs

To build the abs you don’t need to intake nutrition and fitness drinks, trying out this can help in reducing and shaping your abs. Lift the right leg in 90 degrees above the hip and take dumbbells in both the hands. Keep the right knee bent and move the hands up and then, stretch them sideways. Repeat the step ten times by switching the leg.

4.    Knee up with overhead press- target shoulder, abs, glutes

Sit on the mat by bending the knees and touching the feet towards the ground. Now, lean back and lift the hands by holding the dumbbells and bring the knees towards the chest by lifting the legs off the floor. Hold the position for 2 to 3 counts. Repeat it for 15 times.

5.    Lunge and twist- target abs, glutes and legs

Stand with feet together and then, lunge back with left leg by bending the knees at 90 degrees. Then with left hand try to reach the right foot, now stand up and lift your left leg to hip level and bring the fists to the chest by bending the elbow towards outside at the time you twist to your left, twist to the centre and lounge your left leg back and repeat the process for 15 times by switching the sides.

Hence these are some of the workout routines for women to stay fit and healthy in this stressful life.

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