5 safety tips for Women of today

It is very important for all women to know a few safety tips so that they need not depend on others when they fall into trouble. I have listed a few personal safety tips for women, which can be followed by all women anywhere; all you have to do is be a little cautious.

The daily safety tips for work or party are as follows:

1. If you find yourself stuck in the lift in the company of strangers and feel unsafe you must press all the buttons in the lift. No one will dare harass you because the lift will stop on every floor.

2. If you get attacked at home do not worry. Run to your kitchen where only you know where things are kept. You can use chilli powder and turmeric powder to throw and start breaking the utensils. At the same time make noise so that the people get to know you are in trouble. Molesters never want to get caught.

3. If you are taking a taxi or a rickshaw late in the night please note down the number of the vehicle. Then call one of your family members and let them know these details. The driver will be intimidated that someone has his details and he will ensure that you safely reach your destination.

4. If you take a taxi  in the late night and find the driver taking a detour and heading somewhere else do not panic. Put the strap of your bag or stole around his neck and pull the driver’s neck. In sometime he will choke and feel helpless. In case you do not have a stole or bag pull his collar and the top button will do the same.

5. If you find someone following you on a lonely street try and find an ATM and enter the same. Most of these have a CCTV camera and a security guard. The attacker will move away as he would fear being identified.

Follow these simple tips, stay alert and be self reliant.

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