Review of Sah Beauty Solutions Face and Body Scrub Powder

We girls are so much concerned with our face that at times we forget that our body needs to be taken care of as well. Hence, the use of body scrub is very important. It removes the dead skin cells and gives a vibrant and smooth look. Your skin feels fresh and it exfoliates gently and remove the dirt particles so that your skin feels fresh and the moisturizer absorbs the skin completely and nourishes the skin completely. 

Product Claims

The product comes in powder form. It is a Hyderabad based product. They sell through Instagram. As they are new launch product, the bottle does not have more details about what the product claims.

Price and Quantity

Rs.186 for 50 ml

wet your skin


You need to wet your body and then apply the powder scrub on to your body. Then, one needs to gently rub for the powder to actually work on the skin.

Packaging and Availability

The product came in plastic bottle with only company and product name on it. The plastic bottle is very sturdy. You can buy from here

My experience with Sah Beauty Solutions

I wet my skin and then apply the powder on the body and then slowly start rubbing on the skin. In due course, because of its powdery form, some product got wasted on the floor. So, you need to be extra cautious while applying. Though the ingredients were not mentioned but the smell of gram flour is very strong. For scrub, I can’t really say what’s there in the product because ingredients list was not there. 


  • All natural Ingredients
  • Packaging is good
  • Quantity is very nice
  • Affordable


  • No details mentioned on the bottle
  • Waste of powder form if not use properly



Will I purchase?

 In some time for sure
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