Monsoon Hacks: Dry, Oily, Normal and Combination skin

During Monsoon are you complaining of dry skin problem and painful pimples? Well, that is a common issue that maximum women complain about. To overcome these problems we often try different beauty product for quick relief. However, experts recommend using fruit-based homemade and natural remedies. Such as chocolates, strawberries, and buttermilk used for facial problems can cure skin related problems. Given below is some expert beauty advice from beauty experts for different skin types.

Dry skin

Because of Monsoon, the skin tends to dry up due to dehydration which is caused by lack of skin repairing vitamins. Well, are you interested in maintaining a well-nourished skin? Try out the following tips. Clean the face with a soap-free cleanser so that the skin remains soft and doesn’t dry up.  Try out preparing your own toner by mixing few drops of honey and two tablespoons of milk. The benefit of using the homemade toner is that it tones the skin as well as hydrates it.

Homemade face pack

Pomegranate seeds are very good anti- aging compounds and contains full of antioxidants and vitamin C which is good for skin care purpose as it nourishes the skin. You can also prepare a face pack by blending two tablespoons of pomegranate seeds and a cup of raw oatmeal. Also, add two tablespoons of honey and buttermilk to the pack. Apply the pack on the face for 2 minutes and rinse it. This pack removes all the dead skin cells. Instead of the homemade pack, you can also use chocolate facial. It is recommended not to go out in the sun without applying sunscreen with SPF 30.

Oily skin

Oily skin people face more problem during the monsoon as it makes the sebaceous gland which is responsible for secretions, hyperactive. Due to oil secretion and sweat on the skin, the dirt and bacteria get trapped.  Hence, these are the source of blackheads, whiteheads, breakout and painful pimples.  TO avoid these problems, you need to use oil controlling cleanser to clean the pores and control the oil secretion. To maintain the pH balance use alcohol-free toner. Also, use gel base sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 to moisture the skin without making it too creamy.

Homemade pack

 Mix two tablespoon of papaya pulp, one tablespoon of curd and one ounce of Aloe Vera gel. After mixing the ingredient add lavender oil. This pack works as a great de-tanner and blemishes the skin by soothing and rejuvenating it.  Apart from this pack, you can also use Aloe Vera facial. In case any pimples are noticed then, immediately apply toothpaste, and leave it overnight. This will dry the pus and the bacteria, which finally reduces the infection.

Normal Skin

This type of skin should be cleaned at least twice daily with no soapy antibacterial face wash as it becomes greasy and captures dust and dirt. Usage of sunscreen with SPF 30 is necessary.

Homemade pack

Mash an apple and add a tablespoon of sugar along with four cups of milk and few drops of chamomile oil and churn it well. Apply it for at least 15 minutes, this will hydrate the skin as well as deep clean by bringing back the shine and radiance of it. Apart from this, you can also use Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial to avoid infection. Include vitamin C in the diet to improve the body immunity.

Combination Skin

It is a combination of oily and dry skin so; antibacterial cleanser works best with this skin type. You can add two drops of lemon and cold water and wash the face to tone the skin and have a refreshing sensation. Always apply hydrated sunscreen of SPF 30 and keep your hair clean to avoid dandruff and hair fall.

Homemade pack

Blend fresh strawberries with one cup of yogurt and one and a half tablespoon of honey and apply it on the face to get a soft and smooth skin. Apart from this, fruit facial with milk is also a great option.  Never forget to carry wet wipes and apply ice once or twice daily.

Therefore, this monsoon takes proper care of your skin with given tips and rejuvenate it.
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