How to stay fit? Some Weight loss tips

Fitness has become an essential part of our lives. These days everyone is talking about healthy food, the importance of physical activity and various other aspects of fitness. One of the most common problem women faces is that of becoming lean. It must be understood that being thin may not mean being fit. Fitness is the sum total of stamina, endurance and resistance which helps you in your daily routine.

Losing weight can be very easy if certain rules are followed diligently.  Weight loss tips are as follows:

  • Eat what is locally available in the market- expensive fancy food available in every super market is a marketing gimmick. It is best to stick to what is grown and available in our vicinity because the nutrients are intact, less of preservatives used and very easy to digest.
  • Have regular meals- It is advisable to eat something every two to three hours. Cut down your meal size. This will increase your metabolic rate. Avoid tea or coffee after six in the evening.  Also try and finish your dinner by eight in the evening.
  • Get six to eight hours of sleep- it is very important to have a good night sleep. Good sleep ensures release of essential hormones. Good sleep can help get rid of bloating, dark under eyes, acidity problems and many more common ailments. Try sleeping early and getting up at dawn. It also gives you time to plan your day.
  • Exercise is important- Physical activity cannot be taken for granted. You can do any activity of your choice, but you must do it at least three times a week to start. It can be Yoga, walking, swimming or going to the gym.

You need not depend on expensive products for losing the extra weight you have accumulated over the years. The secret ingredients are in your kitchen. All you have to do is use them smartly.  A few home remedies to get fit are as follows:

  • Include clarifies butter in your food- Clarified butter also known as ghee helps reduce cholesterol and burn stubborn fat. It is best to have ghee early in the morning. So yes it is absolutely advisable to add that half tea spoon of ghee to that delicious aloo paratha.
  • Eat more often at home- it is best to eat homemade food because it is prepared keeping the nutrition in mind. Food cooked for less number of people is by default more nutritious.  Outside food is cooked in bulk hence has excess oil which adds to the fat content.
  • Drink enough water- ditch those expensive lotions that promise to make your skin shine. Water hydrates your skin and keeps them acne free. You can also add cucumber and mint leaves to water and sip it throughout the day.

It is not important to shell out a huge amount of money to become fit and fabulous. You have to be alert, be smart and work your way through it which required determination. Natural remedies have their own charm and give hundred percent results.  

All you have to do is make a few changes in your lifestyle and let good health smile on you!
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