Home Remedies: Honey and its 3 combinations for healthy life

Honey is best known for its versatility. It is one solution to various problem relating to your body. There are number of ways by which you could use honey to lead a healthy life. It is among the best natural remedies for weight loss, to cure cold & cough, for indigestion, to cure acne and many more. Here, you could learn some simple combination consisting of honey to get relief from various chronic health issues. Read onto to explore it.

First Magical Combo - Honey + Water + Lemon Juice

To shed off your extra fat is definitely a tough task. People follow hundreds of weight loss tips to reduce the extra body fat, but they end up with disappointment. Well, the magical combo of water, honey and lemon juice is just wonderful. All you need to do add one spoon of honey and one table spoon of lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water. Stir well and consume it empty stomach every morning. Continue to drink it for one month and see the result. Surely, you will see your bulging belly has reduced to a great extent.

Other natural remedies of this magical combo includes –

1.      It helps to treat cough
2.      It cleanse the liver
3.      It improves digestion
4.      It clears acne

Since the lukewarm water is being consumed in empty stomach, it is also helpful in improving your digestion. It has been proved as the best home remedies to get relief from constipation. When you bowel movement is free from trouble, half of your problem relating to digestion, acnes are solved. So, make a habit of drinking this magical combo to make your bowel movement trouble free.

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Second Magical Combo Water- Honey + Water + apple cider vinegar

Every one of us had surely consumed honey during our childhood to cure cough and sore throat. This is one of the home remedies which is trusted by generation by generation. Adding apple cider vinegar into the honey and water, could have great medicinal values. Research have proved that when honey and apple cider vinegar is added into water, it could give us relief from following problems:-

1.      Sore throat
2.      Congestion
3.      Cough
4.      Sinus

Other than the above benefits, it has been a proved antiseptic and antibiotic. Consumption of this mixture could help you boost your immune system. Many take this combination during winter season to stay away from common issues arising out of winter season such as cold, cough, sinus pain etc.

Third Magical Combo – Honey + Water + Cinnamon Powder

Fed up trying several tricks to cure face acne? Try the combination of honey, water and cinnamon powder and apply it on face. You will get an acne free skin within few days of applying the combination. Cinnamon has wound healing properties, which helps in removing any sorts of cut/blemishes spotted on your skin. Other than anti-healing properties, it is helpful in weight loss and proper digestion.   

So, you must not miss to try out the magical effects of honey and its combination.   
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