Dry brushing: Important for Skincare

A glowing skin is sign of prosperity for every woman. It signifies good health as well as builds the self-confidence. Dull and rough skin could bring disappointment to any woman. There are several tricks which are being used for making your skin shine. A very simple skincare tip could be useful to you make your skin glow like never before.

Yes, dry brushing, is the trick that could do wonder to your skin. Know, how dry brushing is done and how does it make your skin glowing.

What is dry brushing?

It is a simple process in which one gently moves the brush on the skin. It is preferable to brush your skin in the direction moving towards your heart. It is advisable to start from legs. Brush gently starting from your feet & move upwards towards your waist. Then start from palm of your hand and move towards your shoulder. Also brush the parts like abdomen, chest, back etc..   

What kind of brush is being used?

The best type of brush to be used for dry brushing is made of soft & natural bristles. The material of the bristles should be washable so as to clean the brush after every dry brushing of your body. It is required for maintaining the basic hygiene. The brush should be kept in dry place to avoid formation of mildew.   

What is the best time to brush your body?

The best time for dry brushing is before you take your shower. It is better to go for dry brush in naked manner. Once you are done with brushing your body, go for shower. As per expert beauty advice, you may apply some body oil preferably natural fruit oil like coconut oil or rose hip oil for better results. It helps in nourishing your skin and enhances the glow.  

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

Removes the dead cell: The scalp of your skin contains the dead cells, which is the actual cause of dryness and roughness of the skin. So, when it is brushed, the dead cells get off the skin and makes your skin shine.

Improves blood circulation and lymphatic system: The flow of blood gets accelerated while you brush up your skin.

Unclogs the skin pores: The dirt often clogs the pores of your skin, which makes it difficult to breathe. When skin is brushed, the pores get clear and helps your skin to breathe.

Hope, you are well equipped with the information regarding dry brushing and its benefits. Try it and enjoy a radiant skin like never before.

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