8 Forms Of Squats: How To Do It And Its Benefits

Every woman should be conscious of her proper nutrition and fitness. Maintaining a good health is important for her as she had to look after entire family as well as has to perform best at her work place. However, a very less time is there to spare for workout or exercises. Well, not to worry as squats could help you out. Squat is an exercise involving your legs movement, and it is quite beneficial in shaping up your butts and enhances the strength of your lower portion of the body.

Here we go:-

Basic squat: Spread your feet apart, join your hands with crossed fingers and stretch them straight in forward direction. Now, bend your knees and lower your body by pushing your hips back. This is known as the basic squat position. Repeat the action at least 10 times.

Squat + Side Kick: Take the squat position. Now, rise up with straight legs and lift your right leg towards outside and make your foot take the same position again. Now, squat down again and repeat the exercise with your left leg.

 Squat+ Hip Roll: Take the squat position. While you stand up from the squat down position, move your hips in circular motion and again squat down. Repeat the action for 10 times. This is quite interesting for those women who love dance. Instead of dancing, this squat could be workout routines for women. 

Squat + back leg raise: Take the squat position. While you stand from the squat down position, raise your left leg towards backward as much as you can and bring it back to its previous position and squat down again. Repeat the action for 10 times with your right leg.

Squat+ Front leg roll: Take the squat position. While you stand from squat down position, take your right leg forward and move it in circular motion in clockwise direction to its previous position. Squat down again and repeat the same exercise again with your right leg.

 Plie Squat: Basic squat and Plie squat are almost same but there is a slight difference between the positions of the feet. In Plie squat, the feet are kept in linear position.

 2 dip squat: This is as simple as basic squat with a slight difference. While taking the squat position, dip your hips twice and stand. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.  

Squat +high jump: Take the squat position and give a jump while you stand up. Repeat the action at least 1- times.

Benefits of squats and its various forms:

 It helps in burning calories.
It improves the tone of inner thighs and glutes.
The entire lower portion of the body gets into shape. Most importantly, the odd shaped butts could be brought back to shape with regular practice of squats.
 It also helps in improving & balancing the motor coordination.

So, if you are looking for home workouts for women, squats could be one quite beneficial for you. It does not consume much of your time. For more details, of the exercise, you may log into Youtube channel of Miss Chilaxx. 

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