6 monsoon special skincare essentials

Will you agree with me that very first rainfall of the monsoon is a pure bliss to you? I am sure you will because it takes away the burning effect of scorching Sun. While monsoon grabs all the attentions, it is important for us to take some time out and think what our skin actually wants from us this season. Just as we take a proper skincare routine for both Summer and Winter, we must not forget the same for the monsoon.

Due to lots of moisture in the air, our skin is prone to bacterial infections and to combat such problems here are some “monsoon special” Expert beauty advice and skin care essentials for all my lovely ladies.

1. Gentle Cleanser- Use a mild cleanser twice a day to eliminate dirt and oil that clogged into your pores. It will keep your skin healthy and clean.

2. Choose alcohol-free toner- Apply a toner which is rich in antioxidant and vitamins. It removes the residual dirt with drying out and restore all the essential nutrients.

3. Good skin lift Serum- Apply a serum before moisturizer to give your skin that extra hydration.

4. Moisturize- Your skin still needs that deep care and that is why moisturizer comes as a rescue. Choose an oil free moisturizer to give the best to your skin.

5. Non-Sticky Sunscreen- Though it's cloudy, UV rays still do the harm to your skin. To avoid premature skin aging, you need to apply sunscreen every day without any fail.

6. Face makeup and Eye makeup- Avoid powder base makeup and choose cream based makeup and keep it very minimum during monsoon. For eyes, waterproof Kajal and mascara are the must have in your bag!

Follow these simple steps of skin care during monsoon and give your skin a healthy feeling.
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