The Do's and Dont's after bad breakup

Some people are lucky to get their first love. For some, it may be not the same and you should know how to get over a breakup and lead a normal life. Relationship breakup is not easy and one should know what to do after a breakup.

Dont's after a breakup 

  • Do not stalk your ex on social media because it will hurt you as well it is very unhealthy. It will rather force you to develop a bad habit on checking your ex's life on social media.
  • Do not try to move ahead for rebound as it will make you empty more from inside and will bring more pain in your life and will not do any good.
  • Do not engage into another relationship. Your heart needs time to seal and heal and then only you can commit to other. You should always be fair to yourself and to your new partner.
  • Do not try to make friends with your ex, though many of you feel it taboo, but it will break you eventually.


Do's after a breakup 

  • Do spend time with your friends, they will help you overcome the breakup fast and will heal your heart quick.
  • Take time for yourself because "me" time actually boost your mood and you can find your hidden talent. So relax and feel good.
  • Practice yoga and meditation to find peace of body and mind. Eat healthy, take care of health and have a positive outlook towards your life.
  • Read inspirational books to motivate your inner confidence and be ready to deal with breakup. 
  • Consult psychologist if you are emotionally down. It will help you to come to the real world very fast and help you in dealing with breakup. 

So, if you had a breakup, do not think this is the end of the world. There is a whole new world waiting for you with your loved ones. Embrace your inner self and let go bad things in life and make your Present good to have a beautiful Future.

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