Review of Lotus Strawberry Lip Balm

Lips are the most visible area of our body. The skin of our lips is very soft. if we do not take care good care of our lips, then it tend to sag, get crack and the glow of lips goes away. Hence, lip balm is very important to apply to take good care of our lips. I have been using Lotus  Strawberry Lip balm for quite some time now and today, I will share the review lip balm and my experience on this product.

Product Claims:

Lotus Strawberry Lip balm has active moisturizing formula which helps repair the following:

  • Dry Lips, Chapped lips and Cracked Lips
  • Provides protection against drying during cold
  •  Making your lips look healthy and smooth

Ingredients/ Application:

  • Lotus Strawberry Lip balm has strawberry extract, honey, jojoba oil, almond oil and wheat germ oil.
  • Easy Way to use
  • Apply evenly all over the lips. For best results apply twice a day.


Packaging and pricing:                                                                                                                       

The lip balm comes in a transparent plastic container with a cream colored cap. It is small and can be easily put in the bag. It costs Rs.135/- for five grams.

Pros of using the product :   

  • Intense moisturizing
  • Strawberry Fragrance
  •  Jojoba oil content has great healing properties
  • Convenient packaging

Cons of using the product:

  •  It has to be applied with the help of a finger hence the hygiene has to be kept in mind
  • There is no SPF hence no protection against sun damage
  •  No tint
My experience with the product:

Lotus Strawberry Lip Balm is a non sticky lip balm. The consistency is medium. It has a light fragrance as well. It is pink in color but none of gets transferred on to the lips when applied. It stays for up to two hours. It can be used irrespective of the season. I apply it every night before going to bed and my lips stay hydrated till morning. It is also a great idea to use it before applying lipstick for smooth lips.

Will I recommend this to other?

I will surely recommend this to others as it keeps my lips soft and supple. So go and pose for the perfect pout with Lotus Strawberry Lip Balm!

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