Happy Father's Day: Who says fathers cannot express their emotions?

Fathers are our real heroes; but when we talk about the father-daughter bond, then it is always limitless. Every girl sees their father as the first hero of life. Fathers also grow as a responsible man each day with his daughter. Whatever it may be, how grown up the daughter becomes, but she still remains the little princess to him. With time, the love of duo becomes strong and let's celebrate this father’s day by breaking the myth that “fathers cannot express their emotions”.

1. A father always teaches her daughter that there is like to choose between delicate and strong. A daughter can always be both simultaneously.

2. He is the man that a daughter looks up to and a father brings the best in her in all sphere of her life. He always gives space to her so that she can deal with the wrong and come out strong and confident.

3.You know how daughters get the courage to share the secrets? Well, because the fathers share their secrets and this makes the daughter confident that father will understand her.

4.Dads always want their daughters to take the risk to develop the self-confidence in them. So, at times, when dads are really scared, then the daughters give back that same self-confidence to their fathers.

5.Fathers always encourage the daughters to perform their own task to become independent. Like- driving a car.

6.Daughters also help the fathers to express their emotions loud. For example- all fathers cry when his daughter left the home after marriage forever. It is really a precious moment for the duo.

7.In the choice of career, he is the first person whom a daughter rely upon and ask for suggestions and help.

8.They encourage their daughters in taking part in every extracurricular activity so to help them grow as an individual.

9.Father and daughter make the best jokes in this entire Earth. The days are incomplete if they do not talk to each other.

10.Every father sees a motherly love in his daughter which helps the father to shower more respect to their daughters.

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