Power of Meditation and Chanting for Today's Women

When was the last time you got up at dawn without having to worry what to do next, the files that you left last night on the office table, the meetings you have to attend or the food you have to pack? I am sure that you are still thinking. Let’s talk about a modern woman’s busy day where she has to cook, manage the maid servant, look after the children, spend time with husband,  manage her team at her workplace and then finally without much thinking goes to bed dead tired thinking about the day or what to do tomorrow. Her ME time and her peace of mind is lost.

Well,how about waking up half an hour early and utilizing the time completely for your benefit? It is believed that the morning ritual sets the tone for the entire day so why not start your morning on a powerful note with a simple practice like meditation.


Meditation is simple yet complicated. It can be done in the comfort of your home at the time you desire. You can start with simple form of the practice for more energy, focus and vitality. The process is as follows:
  • ·         Fine a comfortable and clean place in the house where there is ventilation
  • ·         Sit crossed leg on a rug; in case of discomfort you can use a chair as well
  • ·         Stare at an object for at least five to seven minutes try to blink as less as possible
  • ·         Close your eyes and focus on your breath only
  • ·         Practice this for twenty minutes in the beginning to feel the difference
Try and meditate at the same time and place every morning. Do this diligently for 21 days to feel the difference.


Another very effective practice is that of chanting. You need not have to know a difficult or a foreign mantra for effective chanting. You can chant OM or Allah or anything as per your religion or faith. It is believed that everyday chanting has calming effect on the mind and opens your heart chakra. Chanting can be done anytime of the day irrespective of the place. A convenient time to do this would be just before hitting the bed. Fifteen minutes of chanting a day can have a huge impact.


The benefits of the meditation and chanting are numerous. Some of them are as follows:
  • ·         Calming effect on the mind
  • ·         Less mood swings
  • ·         Release of important hormones
  • ·         Increase in stamina, decision making ability and focus
  • ·         Stable blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • ·         A positive perspective

 Both these practices help you connect with your deeper self. There is a lot being written about the two of late however you need to stop reading and experience it yourself. There are many practitioners who facilitate the process and overlook the technique. You could join them for a group session. Group meditation and group chanting sessions are very powerful filled with intense energy.

A woman has to play multiple roles and she is a multi tasker. She can only be successful if she is peaceful and is happy with her being. So practice meditation and chanting to experience bliss.
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  1. I truly believe in the fact that mediation could give your peace of mind. I have tried it...

  2. Even I follow the routine daily, I am really getting the help.