My Mother, My Angel: Happy Mother's Day

We all pray for a miracle to happen in our lives, but there is someone who prays for us constantly and we do not even realize. She is strong like rock, tender like rose and stands by you like your own shadow protecting you from every evil. She is truly a miracle in all our lives and she is none other than our Mother. Mom, Mummy, Maa whatever you call her, she is truly a god sent gift in our lives. She is the first one we interact with and then as we grow independent our angle is forgotten and taken for granted.

Make this Mother’s Day different and once again reconnect with her. Flowers, chocolates and cards are a passé so try something new. There are many ways to make our angle feel special and loved.

Some of the ways are as follows:

It’s time for some pampering- Mothers work round the clock to ensure well being of everyone. It is time to thank them. You could give a spa voucher for massage, pedicure, reflexology or a herbal facial. A new hair cut or a head massage would also be great ideas to pamper her.

Visit a book store- Mothers are a store house of knowledge. They know about everything from food to fashion to baby care. It would be thoughtful to take her to a nearby book store so that she could explore more books about what she really likes and do so at ease. In the end she could walk out of the store with a few books and a smile.

Gift an experience- Everyone has dreams and desires and mothers are no exception after all she is a human too. If there is something she has been thinking of doing for a long time, but has not been able to do so because of lack of time then this is a perfect occasion to start. It can be learning a new language, starting her kitchen garden, learning to paint, dance, sing or go for scuba diving.

Take her out for a meal- Nothing better than taking your angel out for a meal. It could be a nice casual dinner, a lunch or a simple delicious breakfast. To make it more personal, prepare all her favorite foods at home and give her a surprise. A homemade cake with a message is a sure shot way of making her smile.

A movie date- Take her out for a movie she wants to watch. A movie followed by dinner makes a perfect outing.

The ways above are a great way to make the most special person in your life that is your mother smile but the smile shall last only for a few hours. Make sure that her every day is made special. In true sense all she desires is your love and respect. Do not take her for granted ever as our world revolves around her. Make her feel special every day. It can be a simple hug, a smile, a simple thank you. Express your feelings and tell her that you love her more than anyone else.

Make a special bond with your mother this mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!
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  1. Well, this article of yours is the best gift for your mother that you can owe her this Mother's Day. Superb Writing!!