7 Healthy Foods for the Glowing Skin

A lot of women blame the season change for the skin damage problems. However every season has its own set of challenges for the skin hence stop the blame game and look at your plate instead; the contents, the nutritional value and the portion size. Does it contain the right kind of food which is skin friendly? You need a combination of nutritious food on your plate if you want a glowing complexion and flawless skin.

Some food items which provide glow to the skin are as follows:

1. Wheatgrass Juice- It is considered a wonder product for those suffering from any kind of skin problem especially acne. This particular type of juice is packed with anti-oxidants and must be consumed first thing in the morning.

2. Dry Fruits- Dry fruits are considered very important for the well being. It has essential oils, vitamins and minerals which slow down the aging process. Walnuts help in controlling wrinkles, cashew nuts contains essential oils which help improves elasticity of the skin. Raisins and Almonds help brighten the skin.

3. Coconut Water- Coconut water must be consumed on a regular basis. It helps get rid of all the scars and provides instant glow.

4. Seasonal Fruits- Seasonal fruits which are easily available in the market must be consumed as they contain less preservative, easily available and easy on the pocket. Seasonal fruits provide the nourishment required during that particular season. For example you must eat mangoes during the mango season as it is loaded with vitamin C. Apple during winters is a great supply of Vitamin A and grapes help restore body fluid balance.

5. Water- Regular consumption of water can be a savior from many problems, and skin problem is no exception. It removes toxins from the body hence the skin appears clear. Water also keeps the body hydrated. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day for maximum benefits.

6. Green Vegetables- Green leafy vegetables have a lot to offer. For skin it works as a miracle but it must be consumed on a daily basis. It cools the body hence keep ache at bay. Be sure to include green leafy vegetables in your daily diet and see the difference.

7. ABC Juice- A juice made with apple, beetroot and carrot is a tonic for the skin. It brightens and lightens the skin. It is a great toner and it removes blemishes. Make sure to have it on an empty stomach and consume it with the fiber for maximum benefits.

It is also important to eat small meals on a regular basis, sleep for eight hours a day and exercise at least three times a week. You can also meditate for twenty minutes daily as it adds sheen to the face. All said and done remember if you feel good and keep yourself hale and hearty it reflects on the skin. So go out and have some fun.

Feel beautiful, smile often and let it reflect on your beautiful skin! 
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