6 ways to say Good Morning to Yourself

Mornings are best part of the day for most people. It is tranquil for most and mystic for some. Mornings also give us an opportunity to do something worthwhile. It is believed that morning sets the tune for that particular day hence it is very important to start your morning on a positive and powerful note.

A few ways to kick start your morning are as follow:

Wake up at dawn- Waking up early give you a lot of individual time. You can use this time to plan your day, exercise, and meditate or anything that you like doing. To make the most of this time avoid reading the news paper or checking your phone first thing in the morning.

Nutrition Punch- To start powerful you need good food. To increase your metabolic rate it is good to start your morning with a whole fruit.  You can have your morning tea after thirty minutes. Wheat-grass is another good option. However coffee is to be avoided as it jolts the system.  Ensure to eat every two hours to maintain your stamina throughout the day.

Chant &Pray- You can utilize the morning for a one on one conversation with God. You can chant a sacred mantra or recite a simple prayer. This can be routine practice. This practice calms the minds and provides clarity of thought.

Meditate- Morning is blissful and peaceful. You can hear the birds chirp right in on your window. Use this time for a twenty minute meditation practice and see the results. You will be energetic the whole day and will have higher levels of concentration.

Get some sun- You can do yoga, any form of exercise or simply go for a run early in the morning. The morning sunlight has properties which help strengthen the bone. Do not worry about skin tanning. It is also believed that physical workout done in the morning has many benefits.

Plan your day- Morning is the time when the mind is fresh and alert. Use this time wisely and structure your day. List the to-do important things and tick them off as they get completed. You will be shocked to see the number of things. This way you will also be punctual and be home in time. You could also add some play time with kids and reading time before bed.

All of these changes can fit very easily if you decide to wake up half an early and take action. Remember a morning marks the beginning of a new day. So embrace the sun and make this day count. Good Morning!
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