Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Effects and Solutions

Motion, Matter and Energy are the three forces that help our body to rule. Human body of a female is really complicated and needs a proper balance mechanism. A slight of unnatural and artificial element can cause serious imbalance in the body. PCOS is actually a hormonal disorder that affects fertility and menstrual cycle. In the terms of Doctors, it is actually a Lifestyle Disease. Today, in this article we well discuss the unnatural factors that lead to PCOS, Symptoms and Ayurvedic Solution to keep your hormone in balance and keep your PCOS away:

1. Untime Habits- From bowel to eat and sleep, when all these things are erratic then your body gets wrong signal towards hormonal imbalance. Hence, it is very important to eat, sleep on time and keep the bowel system in check.

2. Lack of Body Use- By the word "body use" means lack of exercises or any physical activities, even lack of sex life, overeating, undereating, lack of sleep and oversleeping.

3. Taking too much chemicals- Smoking, Alcohol, drug, use of cosmetics, food consumption of food with too much preservatives .

4. Over use of Mind- Stress, tension, lack of relation, too much of negative emotions, jealousy, anger hyperactivity are common these days. These activities actually disturb our body hormones and cause bad impact.

Symptoms of PCOS:

1. No period or irregular period
2. Hair growth on an excessive level on chin, face, back and chest.
3. Gain of weight
4. Hair thinning
5. Acne and energy lack
6. Mood Swings
7. Constipation
8. Unexplained headaches
9. Flabby skin in the neck area
10. Hot Flushes

Ayurvedic Measures for PCOS:

  • Soak fenugreek seeds of 1/2 tbsp in water overnight and drink the water after your meal to control PCOS.
  • Sarvangasana helps to give beneficial result towards your reproductive system.
  • Take hot castor oil and massage your pelvic area.
  • Take 2 drops of coconut oil i.e. warm in nature in your each nostril before going to bed or in the morning.

These simple lifestyle changes can surely help you combat the problems of PCOS in today's women. 
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