Poila Boisakh- A Day in Bengali's Life

Poila Boisakh- A day of every Bengali. As you walk down the streets, visit any shopping malls in West Bengal you will find hush-hush in every shop and people buying, bargaining and holding tons of shopping bags ranging from clothes to utensils to home decor items. Yah! It’s New Year Day for Bengalis. The rush, the crowd, the madness is unbelievable, but still it brings a big smile on everyone’s face. Even Bengalis living outside West Bengal also shop for themselves just to celebrate the day with grandeur and they can video chat with family showing their new clothes, accessories or home decor items. Yes, we live in the age of technology where everything is possible in just a click of a button.

Mid of April i.e. 14th or 15th of April marks the day of Poila Boisakh, the first day of Bengali month “Boisakh”. It starts with the end of “Chaitra Sankranti”, the last day of the last month Chaitra of a Bengali Year. Since childhood, Bengalis are very nostalgic about their New Year Celebration. The vibe starts with cleaning of entire house and different shops, replace all old items with new one.

It is a believe to start a New Year with all new things and remove all old and broken things just to start the best of the Year with all positives. The day is special not only for Yester Year Generation, but even for GenY, the charm and nostalgia remains the same till date. It is tough for working people to maintain such perfection all the time, but in between this Day brings a sense of belonging of its own culture and its roots.

Its Time for HAAL KHATA

For shop owners, it is the time for “Haal Khata” i.e. the opening of Ledger Report followed by Ganesh Lakshmi Puja. Guests and customers are invited for evening snacks and New Calendar is given to them as a token of gift. The actual purpose of Haal Khata is to clear all the debts that are outstanding and start afresh the next year.

Its Shopping Time

From Kids to Elders, all love to shopping when its Poila Boisakh for Bengalis. Everyone buy for themselves, for relatives and family. There goes amazing discounts on various shops both in malls and in local markets to attract customers and who do not love discounts? Right!

Its Food Time

Bengal is famous for its delicacies and no one can beat on its varieties of food items. From Sukto (bittergourd preparation) to Rosogolla, Bengalis have so many things on plate. Some love home cooked foods and some are fan of Bengali special restaurants. Everywhere you will find buzz of Bengali New Year.

So, celebrate this Poila Boisakh with new purpose in life. Wish you “Subho Naba Barsho” and may this year bring all the happiness in your life.

Courtsey: Graphic Design By Siddhartha Basu

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