From Date to One Night Stand: 3 Perspectives of a modern woman

These days lifestyles are undergoing a massive change and so are the values. Going on a date with random guys or one night stand, which was considered topic for closed doors has now become open and bold. A no string attached casual one night affair can indeed be emotionally liberating at times if done for the right reason and handed carefully.

There are a few things to keep in mind when a thought of Date to One Night Stand bombs your head and you convince yourself that you are ready for this adventure. Some of these things are as follows:

1.Dress well, smell good- You need to dress smart, smell like a million bucks but at the same time do not look like a plastic doll. wear what you can confidently carry. It is important to pay attention to lingerie, have clean hair, well polished nails and clear skin. Make sure you have clean teeth so that your smile becomes your asset.

2.The Venue- The place to look for a partner is also very important and it all depends on what you are looking for at the end of a meeting. A sports bar or a dance workshop at a studio are the good places as these spots are visited by singles. After the choice is made you can move to your apartment for a serious and spice up dance session. Make sure to clean your apartment before you move out.

3.One step at a time- A direct jump on the bed may not a great idea. Take it slow and steady and start with an interesting conversation, some good food or a cup and coffee. Gradually start coming close and then let the 
temperature soars beneath the sheets. 
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Do not ask the man who has given you a ride of a lifetime to leave immediately after the act. Let him know that you had a great time. Avoid making any further plans to catch up because that might lead to emotional attachment and remember that a one night stand must last for a single night. It is very important that both of you get into this on mutual agreement and stay on the same page throughout. Do not stalk him on Facebook or make a casual call.  It is also essential to find out the reason for taking his step and it can be just to get an 
experience, to know more about your sexuality or calm your want of intimacy.

One Night Stand for a woman is a matter of individuality and as an adult she has all the rights of taking a decision for herself. However do not do it just to prove a point to your partner or to someone else if you are in a relationship as it can be detrimental to a relationship. It is easier to talk things out in a complicated situation rather escape one.

A Date to One Night Stand can at times boost confidence if done for a right reason or it can haunt you if the reasons were not clear. Be sure of your wants and needs. Intimacies in a no strings attached scenario can be liberating but first liberate your mind and take a moment to know yourself.

Be aware, be bold, be careful!
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