Fashion and Sports:The latest Trend

These days’ people do not watch sports only for the scores or the winning streak. There is certainly more to it and one of the important factors is the amalgamation of fashion, a sense of style and attitude in sports. Sports have become a complete entertainment package. Sports teams in the early nineties stuck to the uniform rule and white was the dominant color. Style sense in sports has evolved and the journey looks never ending. According to former Indian Cricket Team’s captain Mohammad Azharuddin, "there is nothing wrong in looking good when one represents the country."

William Sisters
There are sportsmen who have graced the cover of fashion magazines and can give any movie star a run for their fashion sense. There is exclusive footage of dressing rooms which look very interesting and colorful. Every sports brand around the globe has started an apparel range of stylish sportswear and endorses it just like any other high fashion brand. That is one of the main reasons why even elite athletes stay in the news for their off field appearances. The William sisters of Tennis leave no stone unturned during their matches and press conferences as far as clothes are concerned. In fact Serena Williams decides a special sportswear wardrobe before the playing season starts. She is considered one of the most stylish players on the court. Her fashion statement also includes her well manicured nails, accessories and the hair do. 

Sania Mirza

Jwala Gutta

In home grounds, Sania Mirza and Jwala Gutta carry the baton of being stylish. In fact their matches have more spectators than any most other players. Recently badminton player P.V Sindhu did a photo shoot for a famous fashion magazine and pleasantly surprised everyone. Pistol shooter Heena Sidhu was on cover of a health magazine and looked like a super model.  Gymnastic sensation Deepa Karmarkar looked fabulous in her blue bling costume during the Olympic Final. Sports sensations have also contributed to this rising phenomenon by coming up with their signature line and endorsing the same.

P.V Sindhu
Heena Sidhu

A survey on e-commerce concluded that sportswear is one of the hottest selling items online. Everyone wants to grab what their favorite sports icon sport and feel good.  Apart from fashion sport wear also scores high because of the comfort factor.

According to the athlete it is not just about fashion quotient or making a style statement. It is about the preparation of the game day and clothes do play a very important role as it adds to the mentality they need to perform the best under pressure and the colors act as visual cues for most elite sportsperson. It helps them feel confident and unleash their power just like they imagine.

These days a great deal of effort is taken to decide on the clothes a sports performer has to wear. There is dedicated team which constantly works behind the scene and increases the appeal of the sport on the whole. The media also acts as a powerful medium. These are a few reasons that the viewership for spots has increased multi fold during recent years.

Get ready to conquer the world in your sportswear and make a statement! 
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  1. Well, I liked the statement given by our former Captain. I must say that one must be presentable in front of others.