3 DIY Foot care tips for women

Indian believes that beauty of a woman is defined through her feet. If she has beautiful feet, she is believed to be beautiful. Taking care of feet is a challenge as it is the most exposed part of the body and is subject to heat and dust. Most of the time it results to dry, tanned and cracked skin of the feet. It is very embarrassing when your cracked foot is exposed publicly. To get rid of such embarrassment, regular care of your feet is important.

Few home remedies can help you to take care of your feet. Just you need to spare some time for it:-

Cleaning & drying:  Since your feet are exposed to dirt, you should make a habit to clean them every day. Wash your feet with plain water whenever you are back home after every outdoor tour. Pat dry after every wash because if water remains between two fingers, it may lead to fungal infection gradually.

Regular moisturizing: Be it summer, be it winter, you need to moisturize your feet on regular basis. It just takes a few seconds to do so. Before going to sleep, apply moisturizer or foot cream. It nourishes the skin from inside and keeps it soft. You may apply any massage oil like olive or almond to moisturize your feet. 

Pedicure:  It could be a costly deal for many to invest in pedicure on regular basis. Those who can’t afford it, they could try it out at home.

DIY Pedicure at home

  • Fill warm water in a tub and mix one sachet of shampoo, a pinch of salt and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. You could also add rose petals for better results.
  • Before soaking your feet inside the tub, remove the nail paint of your nail, if any.
  • Now, mix the solution well and put your feet inside the tub for 15-20 minutes. Rub your feet with pumice stone or foot file.
  • Trim  and rub your nails with emery board or nail file.
  • Push the cuticle with cuticle pusher.

After 15-20 minutes, take your feet out and pat dry. This process could be repeated once in a week. It keeps your feet from tan and fungal infection.

The above 3 DIY steps are quite useful for those who have less of time to spare to redefine their beauty. Why to wait for cracked foot embarrassment? Follow these DIY tips and make your feet look beautiful. 
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