10 tips to control post pregnancy hair fall

At the time of pregnancy different types hormonal changes take place which triggers the changes in hair growth, during this period the hair remains in the transitional phase and during this phase the hair becomes thick and normally stopped growing. Therefore, three months post-delivery the hair starts falling surprisingly. So, be rest assured that this process is normal and temporary and will not continue for long. Proper care and treatment are required to the normal process of hair growth starts.  

Here are some powerful tips that will help you to control hair fall.

1. Avoid tying the hair tightly-On pulling your hair or styling it tightly will pull out the hair. Trying to play or style with your hair can lead to hair loss. Go for loose hairstyles that will put less strain on the hair and will save from falling.

2. Use a comb with widely spaced teeth - Close teeth comb will have more hair pull compare to the combs with wide spaced teeth. Widely spaced teeth combs are gentler to the hair while brushing them and avoids hair loss.

3. Be extra cautious with heat- Heat actually spoils your hair, so avoid giving too much heat to your hair to avoid hair loss.

4. Use a good dry hair shampoo- Use a good dry shampoo product and wash the hair every alternative day. The more the hair and the scalp are kept clean and dirt free, the more it will be healthy. 

5.Use oils- Use oils that are rich in vitamin and minerals that will strengthen the roots of the hair. Oil makes the hair healthy, strong and nourishing.

6. Drink ample of water, take rest and be stress-free- Drink lots of water and have ample of sleep which will keep you relaxed and stress-free. It is important because too much tension and stress are major reason for hair shedding and water keeps us hydrated which is good for both our health and hair. 

7. Eat more of omega 3 fatty acids and rich nutrient food- Just like our body, our hair also needs rich nutrient foods to stay healthy and strong to function and grow properly. Also, having omega 3 fatty acids leads to lower down the hair loss. 

8.Cut short the hair- Shortening your hair decreases the chances of hair fall and also makes the hair fall less noticeable. If you have long hairs, hair fall is more noticeable as the hair starts looking thinner. 

9. Start taking hormonal birth controls and supplements- This will help you boost up the estrogen levels which lowers down during the pregnancy. Having supplements will keep the hair healthy and decrease the hair loss. 

10. Maintain friendly relation with the hair stylist- Make your hair stylist the best friend. it will help you take tips from him or her on how to keep your hair in good condition.

Therefore, following above tips will help you to take a better and gentler care of your hair post-pregnancy.

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  1. It was a good read. Please tell me few diet rich in omega 3 fatty acid.

    1. Foods High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids include flaxseed oil, chia seeds, walnuts, fish roe (eggs), fatty fish, seafood, soybeans, and spinach.