10 Refreshing Homemade Watermelon face packs for a Radiant Skin

Watermelon not only serves as a juicy treat in the prickly summer months, but also is a great conditioner for the skin. This wonder fruit is rich in Vitamin A,C and B6. It provides ample nutrients to protect the skin from sun damage, blemishes and sunburns. It nourishes the skin by providing the required moisture and slows down the aging process by giving a radiant glow to the skin. 

Here are some DIY homemade watermelon face packs to make your skin feel refreshed and supple during hot summer.

1.     For soft skin:

Crush a slice of watermelon and make a face pack by mixing it with the curd. Keep the face pack for around ten minutes and then wash it off with water. Use it regularly for a refreshing and soft skin.

2.      For Radiant Skin:

Mix together one tea spoon of watermelon juice with one tea spoon of yogurt. Make a fine paste and apply on the dull looking areas. Apply for one minute and then rinse off with warm water. The yogurt helps in exfoliation of dead skin cells and watermelon aids in healing and hydrating the skin.

3.     Skin aging:

Take one tea spoon of watermelon juice (or crush a slice) and mix together with mashed avocado. Watermelon’s anti-oxidant properties help in anti-aging and avocado’s healthy fats improve the suppleness of skin and make it look more refreshed and renewed. Apply a thin layer of this face pack till your neck and keep it for half an hour and then rinse.

4.     Dry skin:

Mix together watermelon juice with organic honey. Honey is well known for its hydrating properties. And when combined with watermelon, it deeply penetrates into the skin, hydrating it with double speed. Keep the face pack for ten and then wash off.

5.     Acne prone skin:

Here we use banana, which is a rich source of Vitamin B2, B6 and B2 and helps in reducing the skin inflammation. Prepare a face pack by mixing together a mashed banana and watermelon juice. Keep it for ten minutes on the face and then wash off. Watermelon acts as an oil-free moisturizer and deeply hydrates the skin making it look refreshed and soft.

6.     Treating sun burns:

Take a cooled watermelon juice in a bowl. Soak cotton pads in it and apply to the sunburned areas. Keep it for around 5 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. You can also freeze watermelon juice in an ice tray and then take out one cube and rub it on the face.

7.     Sensitive skin:

Watermelon is ideal for all skin types. For a sensitive skin, use a face pack made up of one tea spoon watermelon juice and one tea spoon honey. It will not only make the skin soft and supple but will also hydrate the skin resulting in a healthy and glowing skin.

8.     To get clear skin:

Blend together pulp of cucumber and watermelon in a mixer. Apply this pulpy mixture all over the face and neck. It will give you a refreshing feel and will make your skin smooth, clear and spot free.

9.     To get a fairer look:

Take a blender and mix together watermelon and milk powder till you get a pinkish pulp. This is a perfect homemade face pack to get a fairer and refreshed skin during summers.

10. Skin cleanser:

Take some watermelon juice and add some crushed mint leaves. Freeze it in an ice cube tray. Take an ice cube and rub gently over your face and neck at night. This will close all the open pores in the skin and will impart a cooling and soothing effect.

Follow these simple home-made watermelon hacks for your skin and keep your skin soft, supple, refreshed, renewed and healthy.
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