10 reasons why relationship do not last long

If you look at today's relationship status, you will find couples are fast in changing their status than changing their clothes. Though its weird, but its true. In the age of internet, Smartphone and fast life, everything seems so materialistic even a relationship that couples are more into heartbreaks, divorces, drug addiction, bad lifestyle, stress, depression, overeating and many more. 

Here are 10 actual reasons to know why these relationships do not last long:

1. Trust- In today's couples, trust becomes a big question. they are so much addicted to the fast life or traumas of past relationship, that they fear to trust or even if they say "they trust you", it is only to avoid certain situation, but core to that person, he or she still do not trust you at all. 

2. Miscommunication- In the digital age, communication is based on video calls, Whatsapp, and over phone. Couples get hardly any time to talk with each other face to face. Back home, couples are sitting beside each other, but busy in their individual Smartphone, this increase miscommunication or no communication at all.

3. Jealousy- It can either professional jealousy or personal jealousy. It comes very slowly but ate up your relationship completely.

4. No Support- Couples do not support each other to nurture their relationship rather blame each other for all actions. It is heartbreaking for emotional partners.

5. Addiction- It can be of anything! This addiction habit brings more problems in a relationship and slowly finish the intensity of love and emotions.

6. Control of a Relationship- Every relationship needs to flow in its natural form. When one of the partner try to control the relationship, then that relationship will never last for long.

7. Overspending- Sometimes when you spend more than you need in a relationship, then always remember that kind of relationship never last long and those relationship are bound to damage.

8. Less affection- In materialistic relationship, or one-time sweetness relationship always have less affection in between the partners. Once you are done with the person, there is left with no more emotions.

9. Different Priorities- Couples have different priorities in life and this lead to many ego clashes and this suffers the relationship.

10. Lots of Arguments- Arguments are more than love always kill the relationship and this happens to this age couples.

So, work on your relationship if you truly want your partner to be your side forever and ever.

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