10 golden rules for relationship to work

Relationship is like a car if you drive the car smoothly, then its parts work fine and if it is in garage for long time then all the parts get jammed. Same with relationship, if you want your relationship to be easy and fine, then you need to work on it or else it will die soon. Here are some short, sweet and interesting tips for you to work on your relationship and enjoy it with open hearts.

1. Love, love and love- There is no substitute of the word LOVE, you only need to shower love and it should be from both of you without any expectations. let just flow in the sea of love and feel the depth of the relationship.

2. Do not Lie- No relationship stands on a lie. So, be honest in your relationship, with the person and with yourself too. if you are not honest with your own self, then you cannot give 100% to the relationship. Sometimes it is better to be brutally honest than to speak 1000 lies. Isn't it? 

3. Keep room for communications- Today in our fast life, we are more addicted to our gadgets. Stop! Right Now! and start one to one communication. the more you communicate, the more you become close to each other, know each other better. communication creates a special bond between two people.

4. Forgive and Move on- If man did not make the mistake, then who would? So, lets forgive and move on with relationship. holding grudges can only give you pain. If the person matters to you, then definitely will stay with you and if the person does not matter, then automatically leave you in some time.

5. No talks of breakups- Never narrate your previous breakup stories to your partner. It will not do any good rather it will spoil your present. Also, stop comparing your present with your past. This will never keep you in peace and focus on your present.

6. When its not OK, then do not pretend to be OK- Face the situation and problem in a relationship, do not just say OK when it is actually not OK. It is not at all healthy for your relationship.

7. Don't be too proud- It is good to have confidence, but over confidence and pride harm a relationship. So, be proud of your relationship till it is needed and avoid the excess pride.

8. Say Genuine SORRY- When you mean sorry, you mean it truly. Do not just say sorry because you need to escape from argument. Be true, Be original.

9. Continue Give & Take- A relationship works with two hands. So, both of you should continue with give and take to survive in a healthy relationship.

10. Be right not Perfect- No one can become perfect in this life. So, always try to become the right one in a relationship and expect the same from your partner. 

These are the golden rules for a relationship to work and follow these rules to keep your relationship working.

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