10 Benefits of Watermelon for Skin and Hair

Summer months are looked forward by everyone for host of reasons. Vacation time for kids ensures no early morning waking up for school; fruit lovers can enjoy different varieties of the fruit; families plan their vacations to hill stations around this time. The mood in every house is lively and relaxed. However the shiny sun and the sparkling heat cause a lot of skin and hair damage as well. Instead of depending on expensive creams which contain chemicals try depending on natural food ingredients which are easily available and cheap for pockets. Watermelon is one such wonder fruit. 

Listed below are a few advantages of consuming watermelon to protect the skin and hair against damage in summer months.

1Slow the skin ageing process- Free radicals in the body are responsible for the signs of aging like fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles. Watermelon is a rich source of antioxidants and help lower free radicals in the body. The pulp can be applied to the skin or the whole fruit can be consumed for best results.

2. Enhance the appearance- During summers the skin tends to look very tired. Watermelon if applied to the skin acts as a toner and can enhance the appearance instantly. The fruit keeps the skin hydrated and hence bid good bye to tired skin.

3. Keep the dryness at bay- Dry skin tends to break out more often during summer months. Watermelon combined with honey can be applied to curb the problem because watermelon hydrates the skin and honey has moisturizing properties.

4. Bye bye acne- Regular consumption of watermelon works wonders for acne removal. All you need is some patience and fifteen minutes of your precious time. Dip a cotton ball in watermelon juice. Dab the cotton ball to your clean face and leave it for fifteen minutes. Rinse your face with water.

5. Treat sunburn naturally- Sunburns can be very painful and problematic if not treated properly. Ditch the expensive lotion and use watermelon to get rid of the stubborn problem. You can make a face pack consisting of crushed watermelon, cucumber juice and honey. Apply this to face and neck. Let it dry for fifteen minutes and then wash off with cold water.

6. Have Rapunzel-like hair- Watermelon is rich in amino acids which promotes blood circulation in the scalp and hence promotes hair growth. The pulp can be applied to the scalp and washed off followed by regular shampoo and conditioning.

7. Get rid of split ends- Maintaining split ends are important for healthy hair. To keep the split-ends at bay watermelon juice combined with olive oil,  honey and ripe banana can be applied to scalp and ends of the hair and kept for thirty minutes. Wash the hair followed by conditioning and then shampoo.  

8. Less hair strands on the hair band- The vitamin C content in the wonder fruit is very high which ensures maximum usage of iron. This helps oxygen read the hair follicles and promote healthy hair.

9. Keep the locks lustrous- It is very satisfying experience to have long, healthy and beautiful hair. Healthy hair needs to moisturize very well. The oil of the seed of watermelon contains essential nutrients which keeps the moisture intact. The oil is very light and is used extensively in watermelon shampoo.

10. Cool the system for best results- Watermelon has calming effect on the mind and the stomach. It is believed that regular consumption of the fruit absorbs the heat and refreshes the entire system. When heat in the body is reduced problems like acne reduce as well. It also has a calming effect on the mind hence the blood circulation improves which results in good quality hair.

To ensure maximum benefits include fresh watermelon in your routine diet. It can be consumed as a whole fruit, as juice or in your fruit salad. 
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  1. Very nice article. Is the face pack made out of water melon is applicable for dry skin type?

    1. Yes, it is good dry skin. You can add 1 TBSP of honey into the juice to retain the moisture of your skin.