5 Useful Tips on Holi

As we all know that Holi is just round the corner and its a complete festival of colors, fun, food, drink and lots of excitements.
But, your skin and hair suffers the most in the midst of all these joys. So, lets not waste more time and head on to the tips section.
1. You can apply good amount of oil on your skin and hair to stay away from the harsh effects of colors. This oil acts as a barrier in difficult areas like earlobes and belly button. So, apply 2 layers of oil on your body and skin and enjoy holi without fear.
2. Secondly, you can go for 2 times shower in a day. It is enough for you or else your skin or hair will become dry even more. If it is too much necessary, then only go for more than two times shower.
3. Next tip is to take care of nails. Actually our nails quickly absorbs the color and the stain becomes prominent. So, you can apply coats of nail polish and this will keep away the colors of Holi from your nails. 

4. Next is exfoliation and that you should understand whether it is good or bad? After Holi, your skin still remain dry and if you exfoliate, then it will cause harm more. So, moisturize your skin very well. 
5. The last tip is that you can apply a good amount of serum before going to bed even after your stains are gone. This will repair your skin and it will become soft after a few days.
Now I will share a PRO- Tip:
Please play Holi with organic colors and give a touch of softness to your skin.
Please click on the video for detailed tips:

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