11 years on wheelchair, but that did not stop her passion for Soap making and Travel

We all face challenges in life. Some accept and some people just give up these fights. But, the one who rise from their own ashes are called Phoenix and so is Mrs. Sagarika Nanda who did not allow her disability to control her passion. At the age of 52, she is a happy working housewife who makes creative herbal bathing soaps, earrings and herbal shampoos out of love and passion. Her handmade products are not available in market, but she love to gift the items to the people she meets.

I had never thought of such beautiful creation out of bathing soaps, until I met her during “BASANT” , an event in Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad this February. She hails originally from Odisha, but  resides in Hyderabad. Mere words would be less to describe her personality , her “Down-to-Earth” behavior will melt your heart instantly once you talk with her.

A Beautiful Soul Mrs. Sagarika Nanda

Mrs. Nanda

A tragic road accident  and a complex spinal injury had bound her to a wheelchair for 11 years, but could not bind her zeal to create creative items and make others happy. She is a responsible wife and a mother of two. Her daughter is married and is working in an IT company and son is pursuing his Management Degree through IIM.  At the age of 52, she manages her home perfectly like any other Indian homemakers and love to fed her family upon the food cooked by herself and not by housemaid.  Don’t you think how does she manage to do all these things after being engaged in household chores like cooking like a common housewife? Well, that is passion and willpower for what you love.

Her Interest in Creative Handmade Herbal Soaps

Creative handmade Soap

On her trip to Australia, she visited a workshop on soap making and that's when she developed the interest and start making herbal soap out of passion. She says, “traveling is not mere enjoying, but to learn something new.” Later on, she did a course on soap making from NIRD (National institute of Rural Development) a GOI institute to encourage entrepreneurial interest in common people so that they can be self employed. She also takes help of  many articles and videos online for support.

Range of her soap collections

Sneak Peak for her Herbal Shampoo Ingredients:

  • Mixture of Different Oil
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Essential oils
  • In some soaps Shea butter and Cocoa butter is also used

The best part of these soaps is that these are “Free from Animal Fats and SDS commonly know SLS (Sodium lauryl Sulfate).

List of essential oil used in soap:

  • Nag Champa
  •  Frangipani (Plumeria)
  •   Lemon and Orange
  • Rosemary leaf
  • Tea tree and many others

The soaps she prepared not only have a beautiful look with creative designs, but it also has a great fragrance. 

Herbal Shampoos & DIY Earrings

Handmade earrings
Other than soaps, she also prepares an exclusive herbal shampoo, which is “Free From SLS”. She says “Most of the shampoo available in market has SLS as key ingredient. This chemical causes certain harm to our hair. So, I prepare herbal shampoo purely with natural ingredients: Amla, Ritha and Sikakai.” She added that hair fall problems reduce to a great extent when this shampoo is used on regular basis.   

Well, her collection of works includes beautiful ornaments too. All the way from Australia, she brought polymer clay and gave shape to beautiful earrings. Here is the image of earring that she made out polymer clay and mica powder.

Want these items to use on a regular basis? Then try to get in touch with her.

Other Passion of Mrs. Nanda

She is a frequent traveler and visited many countries like Australia, Holland, Singapore, USA ,Canada,South Africa,Tanzania,Thailand, Hongkong, etc. She specifically mentioned that one should visit Holland once in a lifetime to witness the beauty of Tulip Flowers. Her Singapore Diary has some mesmerized memories of Orchid flower.

She along with her Ladies’ Group, is also engaged in welfare of cancer patients in Hyderabad. They often supply food to the attendant of patients. She also sponsors children for their education. She also inspires  them for seeing the life through a prism of love and laughter.She also organizes charity work for aged people and visits old age homes.E-nadu Telugu newspaper also published an article about her inspiring way of living.

“Progress is life and being stagnate is death”. This quotation fits best for her as she never believes in sitting idle. She says, “I enjoy cooking and when I am finished with the job, I have some time left before my husband’s arrival from office. I choose better not to waste the time and use it to bake soap, make shampoo and earrings. It gives me pleasure”. She also added that constant love and support of her beautiful family members encourages her on every step. She is blessed to have such a husband, son, daughter and a son-in-law. 

I am quite optimistic that many of you would learn from her. Life is not all about worries and sorrows. It is up to you to make it beautiful, positive and happy. Let’s make Mrs. Nanda our role model and let’s do something good and break the age-old stereotype of being a typical Indian housewife. 

On this International Women’s Day, I am quite optimistic that many of you would learn from her. Life is not all about worries and sorrows. It is up to you to make it beautiful, positive and happy. Let’s make Mrs. Nanda our role model and let’s do something good and break the age-old stereotype.

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