Dandruff and oily scalp hair care treatment

We all love smooth, silky and soft hair exactly like our dream actresses. It is like the best thing for a girl to flaunt it any fashion and makeup. Our hair remains smooth and silky for two days after applying shampoo. But what happens after that? It is again back to its original condition i.e. rough, oily, shine less and dandruff scalp!! Is this your story too? Well, dandruff scalp and oily hair are the biggest enemies for your smooth hair. I suffered with this problem for many years till I got some handy treatments which really works for me the best way.

So, today I am going to share the same treatments for you all and you can get rid of these enemies and apply any hairstyle with your soft and smooth hair.

Home Treatments:

1. Curd & lemon- Both are acidic in nature and works well on dandruff scalp. Mix 1tbsp of curd and lemon and then apply the mixture on the hair roots and slowly comb your hair so the mixture evenly spread on your scalp. Keep the mixture for 15-20 minutes and then wash your hair with baby shampoo or any mild shampoo. These ingredients will also bring the missing glow of your hair. Apply this treatment twice a week to get instant result.

2. Baking soda & water- Baking soda is consider as the best natural shampoo and you can mix 1 tbsp of it with water and then apply the paste on the scalp and roots of your hair. Leave it for some time and then wash your hair slowly.

Instant Treatment:

If you are a busy-bee lady at home ( full time mother or WFH) or working professional with erratic time table, then I have quite easy and fast solution for you. Currently, I am using this process and really happy with the result.

1. Cold pressed castor oil i.e mechanically pressed and not refined or processed to retain the healthy benefits.
2. Tea tree essential oil controls dandruff and bacteria growth like dandruff on the scalp
3. Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar to condition your hair

All the products are from Soulflower, Mumbai and they manufacture wide range of natural products for hair and skincare.

Steps to follow:

1. Mix some drops of castor oil and tea tree essential oil. Take a cotton ball and squeeze the ball in the mixture.

2. Part your hair and in each section dab the cotton ball in the hair roots and squeeze in small quantity on the scalp. After you complete the entire process, comb your hair softly and tie it nicely. For best result, apply at night and keep overnight.

3. Next day use the shampoo bar in small quantity to wash your hair. You can directly apply the bar or cut in small pieces and put in dispenser bottle with water to produce lather and use in small quantity in the form of liquid.

I am really impressed with the result and my dandruff is gone and the hair feels smooth and soft.

So, guys if you want to get rid of dull, dandruff and oily hair, then these above mention methods are just for your hair.
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