The Journey Of My Nine Months as Working Woman

Being a mother is equally charming for a working mother like non-working woman. She might not get the same treatment as a housewife because she had to attend office regularly and had less time to spend with family members. 

When a woman conceives for the first time, she starts to receive a certain love and care of her husband, family members, relatives, friends and colleagues. I was also expecting the same, but suddenly I was apart from all my close-ones. My selection for a new job in Dhanbad, Jharkhand and my pregnancy news coincide. There was an excitement of new job in a new location, and at the same time, I had a heavy heart for my family members and old office colleagues in Bolpur, West Bengal.

What did I miss:

There was no baby-moon, since I would not get any leave other than maternity leave during probation   period. 

There was no good food as I was residing in a private hostel and had to depend on “Dabba”. Food habit of Jharkhand is far different from Bengalis. They have “Litti-Chokha, Sattu-Parantha, and all other stuffs that certainly a Bengali is not going to relish. I seriously used to miss all Bengali cuisines such as Aloo Posto, Begun Bhaja, Aloo Chop, Jhal Muri, Bengali sweets etc. Sometimes, my husband used to visit me with home-made food, but it was rare as he too was busy with his business. 

No rest for me. The office timings were hectic from 9:30 a.m-6:00 pm. Moreover, you need to be little sincere as it was a workplace and you need to show your capabilities to your new boss. Also, I used to visit home over every weekend to meet my family back in Bolpur from Dhanbad via train. It was also a hectic journey with a break journey at Burdwan Station. So, there was no time to rest and relax.

   What did I enjoy amidst all negativities:

·         The growing Baby-Bump, which gives me all the feeling of becoming a mother.
·         The baby kicks and moves while working at office. It certainly makes you grin.
·         Though away, but still your family tries to give you all comforts over phone and with their surprise visits.
·         The constant support of roomies. I was lucky that I got three very loving roomies who used to give care no less than a family.
·         The support of your office colleagues who never let me do any work which could lead to physical strain. They took all the pain to meet my cravings for “Samosa with no onion and garlic” as I am a pure vegetarian. I used to feel blessed for all the support of my colleagues.

Being employed in a government sector, I had enjoyed the facility of six months maternity leave, comparatively longer than private sector. I was on maternity leave since 7.5 months of my pregnancy. I left Dhanbad for next six months and headed  to Bolpur to live with my family.
Only one and half month was left for my due date. These days were quite relieving for me as there was complete rest. But my working habit did not let me take complete rest. I read books, wrote articles and did all household chores including cooking. Obviously my husband and sasuma both were always there to help me out.

Finally the day came, I was admitted in Bolpur Nursing home and was blessed with a baby boy. I had a C-section, so the pain was unbearable. Believe me, all worries, pain and tensions just flushes away when you listen to your baby crying, when you see your baby smiling. You feel like heaven!!!

So, it is not at all worrisome for a working woman when she conceives. Every ups and downs is compromised and you become the center of attraction.   

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  1. Thank you dear for sharing my feelings.

  2. Yes. The journey to being a mother is very special & can't be expressed in words. Its a great feeling when you see your child..

    1. exactly dear.. It is an inexplicable feeling...