DIY Quilling Paper Work for your Loved ones

Who says marriage and motherhood kills your passion? Meet Sangeeta who is an ardent lover of art and painting. It gives her the confidence to fight her depression after she becomes a new mother. She left her IT job, got married, moved to USA, became mother and in this due process the love of art was always there in her heart. In USA, she finds her true calling when she finds some amazing street painters and their incredible works. Her husband also supports her in her passion and that is the time when she decides to take her passion one step ahead. Initially, she loves to do the art work after her son sleeps. Last month, she is back to India, but her passion still continues.

DIY Quilling Paper work for your love:

Materials needed-

  1. cardboard
  2. acrylic paint
  3.  brush/sponge
  4. plastic wrap
  5. construction color papers
  6. glue
  7. Comb
  8. toothpick
  9. mod podge


1. Take a cardboard at first & using the brush/sponge paint it. After completion, take the plastic wrap & put it over the wet paint to create a background texture. After a few minutes, remove it & let it dry completely.

2. Cut a strip of red construction paper of about 2 inch width & using a toothpick roll it to make circle.

3. Make about 19 circles.

4. For the flower: Cut 2 wide strips of brown paper. Make small cuts across the width of the strips. Roll one of the strips using a toothpick. Glue the end of the strip with another strip & roll it to end.

5.Now cut a thin strip of yellow paper. Wrap one end of it around a toothpick so as to get a loop. Add glue to get that loop firm. After the glue is dried,  insert that loop into the first tooth of the comb. Now go on looping around the teeth of the comb. Glue the end part of strip. Remove the formed structure from the comb. Pinch one end to give it a proper shape. You may bend the pinched side slightly.

6. Now take a green strip of paper & a comb. Start somewhere in the middle of the comb. Loop one end of the quilling paper partially around a prong to hold it in place. Start wrapping the paper around a prong on the left next to the middle prong. Bring the paper under the comb and wrap the next prong to the right of the middle prong. Pull the paper back to the left and wrap the prong next to the previous left loop. Continue wrapping until the strip of paper is twirled around the comb or you have made enough loops required. After you finish looping, apply a little glue to the end of the paper strip to hold the shape. Carefully take out the paper from the comb.

7. For the frame: roll a blue paper & glue it to the end. Attach the roll to the cardboard to make a frame.

8. For the name: cut small strips of blue paper & glue it to the cardboard shaping the name of your loved ones.

 9. Now glue all the paper rolls, flower & shapes to the cardboard.

 10. Use modpodge to seal your craft.

Try it with your own hands and surprise your loved ones. It can also become an awesome gift for near and dear ones. 
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  1. Well this is amazing creation... I liked the post very much as Sangeeta has kept her passion alive. I think this should be the spirit of every woman.