Childhood Memory and Fun

Childhood memories are always special isn’t it guys? We all love to be nostalgic whenever we see our childhood pictures and there is always something special about those good old days. Today, I stumbled on a childhood photo of mine where I am decked up like a new bride and can you see that smile on my face. OMG! It’s the same till date. I was barely 7 or 8 years with a boy cut hair and I still remember that my mother’s family visited our house and I had a great time (because when granny and maternal uncle were there, it was like no study days for me)He He

It was an afternoon time and my maternal uncle asked my mother to take some of my pictures (some excerpts from my mother over phone) and immediately she dressed me up like a bride and I wore my mother’s sari which is double the size of a bed sheet during that time and my red dress was my blouse. The tiara that I wore was a part of my mother’s wedding jewelry and I wore it in my various dance functions.

The red Bindi, red Dupatta and red lipstick with Bengali style wedding face art was an overall fun. The most interesting thing to notice is that smile of a 7 year old kid and I was not at all frustrated. May be somewhere I feel,  Maa had a vision of her daughter getting married in the future (and I am married already) and I also feel that I enjoyed being fashionable, makeup girl with an infectious smile all time on my face and can you see that confidence in my eyes on how to look at camera. Its inborn, I see? Hah!

Golden days!
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