8 ways to know how to collaborate with other bloggers

Collaboration with bloggers not only helps you create an awareness of your brand, but also helps you grow your community. Like minded bloggers can come together under one platform and increase their readers and viewers number in a big way. So, if you are planning to start your blog, then having some blogger friends are a great idea.

1. Interview- As per the niche of your blog, you can add interview series every month and let your readers know the real story of a blogger. This will not only drive traffic, but also help in building connections.

2. Guest Posts- Ask other bloggers and writers to write an article or blog for your website. It is 2 ways winning situation, like you will get a content for your blog and on the other hand, the other blogger will get exposure.

3. Guest Appearance- It is almost same as Guest post, where you are the one to write the article and readers will get to you see simultaneously. The Backlinks from one article will increase the value of the blog.

4. Podcasts- Did you hear it new? But, it really helps you educate, inspire, and connect with new followers. Co-host for podcast will help you exchange followers of each other.

5. Giveaways- Hosting a perfect giveaway for your genuine readers is a great idea. You can also make this attempt in collaboration with other bloggers.

6. Comments- Visit other bloggers Blog Page, leave genuine comment and you will surely get the same feedback from other bloggers. This will help if your blog is small and you are looking for exposure.

7. Roundup post- It is a kind of post which will help you create broad network not only with readers, but will fellow bloggers. Like for example- “Makeup Hacks from 5 beauty Bloggers”.

8. Start Linking- While writing a post, you can include related links of other bloggers’ posts to make the topic more relevant and audience can maximize the reach of their knowledge.

These 8 are the golden rules for you to follow if you want to collaborate with fellow Bloggers of your niche blog.

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  1. Everyone needs to know this! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Even I am your ardent follower especially of your clothing brand and desire to collaborate with your brand to aware my viewers about your collections. :)