Why Sunscreen Lotion is important in Winters?

Talking about Sunscreen lotion during summer is very common. But, how many of us do really care to apply sunscreen during winters? Yep, you heard right. Sunscreen during winter is as important as it is in summer. We all know that winter is the time when our skin looks dry and pale. Most of us apply body lotion to keep it smooth, but if you are going out or you are kind of person who spend more time in field work, then SPF lotion is must in your handbag.

In summer, we get tanned skin due to Sun rays because skin produce more melanin and the tan protects our skin cells from UV radiation damage. Whereas in winter, UV radiation is less and our skin produce less melanin and that’s why the tanning of the skin is also less. Most winter days remain cloudy and chilly, but when there is sunshine, the strength is maximum especially in mountains and hill areas.  
UV radiation also enhance the aging process, which is quite bad for your skin. Why to take risk? Let’s check what sunscreen lotion and cream do in winters:

  1. Even if its cloudy and foggy, do not forget to apply SPF lotion on your face and neck areas.
  2. Apply the higher SPF to get a thick protection on your skin and apply all over your exposed areas.
  3. Always choose high SPF during winters because the intensity of radiation of sun is higher during winters.
  4. Take care of lip during winters as they do not produce melanin, the lips do not get protection from the sun rays. Always use higher SPF on the lips or any lip balms with SPF in it.

Recently, I bought a sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 from Plum Goodness. In Kolkata, the weather remain hot and humid even in winters. So, a higher SPF always work to beat Kolkata’s heat. Please check the review of the Plum Goodness Product on my channel.

This Winter, stay happy with happy skin!
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