Review on Khadi Ayurveda Life (Herbal Night Cream)

Brand Name: Khadi Ayurveda Life (Herbal Night Cream)

Target Demographics: 18 years and above

Price:  Rs 175

Net Weight: 50 gm

Product Claims: This is a powerful cell activating formulation that induce health and suppleness to skin. It enhances circulation or greater oxygenation to the skin extremities improves nutrient use and it redefines skin clarity, revitalizes facial skin.

Ingredients: Avocado, Rosemary, Sunflower, Jojoba, Cream

My Experience: The cream has a slippery texture and it smoothly mix with the skin. The mixture of all the ingredients give the cream a good smell and after applying the cream it leave a softness on the face.

Pros of Khadi Ayurveda Life (Herbal Night Cream)

  1. Smell is good
  2. Light on face
  3. Light weight cream
  4. Available in khadi stores and online stores

Cons of Khadi Ayurveda Life (Herbal Night Cream)

Need good amount of cream to see the effect on the face

Rate: 4/5
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