Khadi Pure Mint Body Wash Review

Brand Name: Khadi Pure Mint Body Wash

Target Demographics: 18-80 Age groups

Price: Rs. 76 (Got from Khadi store, kolkata)

Claim from the Product: Herbal Antiseptic and skin friendly with peppermint effect. Take the heat from your skin and keep you cool even after bath.

Personal Experience: No doubt, this hand made body soap is light weight and soft on the skin. As I rub the soap on the my wet loofah, it gives good amount of lather which helps me to clean the body really well. The smell of essential oil is very mild and the product claims to have pure mint extract so one get cool sensation even after shower, but sadly, I did not get any chill effect after the bath. Though, the soap  do not melt in the soap case so it makes really last long product during bath time. I am using it over 21 days and still running.

Ingredients: Menthol oil infused in vegetable oil and Peppermint essential oils
Net Weight: 125 gms; Expiry Date- 2 years from the manufacture date

Pros of Khadi Pure Mint Body Wash
  • Good packaging
  • Light weight
  • Soft on skin
  • Forms good amount of lather
  • Long lasting
Cons of Khadi Pure Mint Body Wash

  • No cooling sensation
  • Mild smell of essence oil

Rate: 3.5/5

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