7 Home Remedies for Sore Muscle

Strength training or weight training is not only a man’s activity nowadays. Women are equally perform these hard core exercises to strengthen their muscle. It is not about growing muscle but to gain overall body strength. Sore muscles are common when you are doing strength training and Micro abrasions in the muscles generally cause soreness, which slowly eases by the muscle growth and repairs itself.

Though a lot of over-the-counter sprays and ointments are available readily, home remedies are the first go-to which can provide simple solutions to a lot of these small ailments.

1) A warm bath – the concept of a Jacuzzi or warm showers in a gym is aimed at exactly that – to loosen up your taut muscles which have been over-worked or are sore after exertion. The same can be easily replicated as a warm bath after a tiring day.

2) Epsom salts – usage of these simple salts – magnesium sulfate helps in relieving muscle and joint pain. Magnesium reduces the brain’s pain response and controls the other proteins in the body. Sulfate along with oxygen cuts down toxins and forms proteins to improve tissue mass and quality.

3) Anti-inflammatory – these medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin help in reducing muscle inflammation but only under the medical guidance for usage. Over-the-counter salicylate creams also help.

4) Placing a warm washcloth or heating pad – Using a warm cloth or a heated up electrical pad on the affected area for a period of 20 minutes to half an hour can reduce the soreness substantially.

5) A cold compress- believe it or not- even a cold compress of ice water can release the knots in your muscles and relax over-worked muscles. If there is light bruising – a small ice pack can be used over it for 10 to 15 minutes which will ease the pain.

6) Leg cramps at night – the nocturnal painful sensation of a leg calf being cramped can be eased with regular intake of 3-4 liters of water daily. Taking Vitamin E also increases the blood flow through arteries.

7) Wintergreen oil – Mixing wintergreen oil with vegetable oil in a 1:4 ratio and massaging onto the cramped area helps the soreness. The methyl salicylate in wintergreen stimulates blood flow and relieves pain. A variety with Nilgiri oil is another alternative.

8) Apple cider vinegar – A simple and effective solution to your aching muscles. It can be rubbed directly on the area, or one tablespoon mixed with a glass of water or even better can be mixed with honey, mint and cold water for ingestion.

These are some remedies which can work like a charm depending upon the level of soreness and can provide at least temporary relief to your fatigued body. It’s important to be beautiful ladies, but it’s also important to be strong.

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