Avoid 5 myths about workouts

A beautiful toned body is something that everyone wishes for! Nothing comes for free. Having a toned body can give numerous benefits but for that, you must first be ready for a scheduled workout. Many women today undertake regular gymming but are unable to hit the right chord. In the fitness world, most of the people are often misled by various myths. This article brings you top 5 myths which you should be avoiding for a toned body. Read on!

1. Excessive exercises make women bulky

This one is very commonly heard by people going to gyms. Excessive exercises burn the calories and reduce the excess fat in your body. Workouts make women bulky only if they are consuming steroids. The average man can produce 9 times more the testosterone than an average woman does. So, get this straight! To be "manly" or “bulky”, a female body would need a lot of testosterone hormone. Without this hormone, you can never look bulky unless you consume steroids. Stop worrying while exercising that you might turn more manly. That's a myth! Rest assured!

2. Weightlifting counts lesser than Cardio for reducing fat

The fact cannot be denied that Cardio works wonders for your body and burn a lot of calories. However, the biggest concern of losing muscle mass still is left unattended. Cardio not only makes you lose fat but also the muscle mass. Remember the golden rule - lesser the muscle, lower the metabolism. Thus, it is weight lifting that can do the trick! As it only reduces the body fat and keeps the body muscle intact. So, if reducing fat is your target go for weightlifting, not for Cardio. Cardio comes second!

3. For losing fat you must workout for more hours

Losing fat revolves around this basic theory - the balancing of calories out and calories in. So working out for 5 odd hours would do no good if you consume high-fat foods. The number of hours you work out has no correlation with you losing fat. The effectiveness with which you work out matters the most followed by food habits. Even 2 hours of quality exercising backed with low-fat foods can work wonders.

4. If you don't feel bleary as heck, then your workout wasn't good enough

There is no hard end rule that you "have to" feel tired after a workout. While some people feel tired after just some push-ups, your body might need more time to feel tired. That is dependent on your stamina. If strong food is taken, you would not feel tired, but that doesn't mean you haven't worked well. Feeling tired shouldn't be the goal of your workout but burning calories should be. And burning calories doesn't necessarily be “tiresome"!

5. How much you eat counts

This is proven to be false. What you eat counts! Not how much quantity! You can definitely eat a lot of food with low fat. But, eating even a bit of high-fat food is sure to disturb your fitness routine. Just be all eyes and watch what you're eating. Healthy greens containing less fat can be consumed in whatever quantity your tummy desires! These will not be an obstacle in anyway in your workouts.

Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!
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